PC guidance Organisation/Group in Evesham?

  compumac 19:50 09 May 2010

I have a relative of retirement age and his son is moving to the States in the middle of the year. The son has suggested that he obtains a PC so that they can use Skype plus webcam etc for keeping in touch. Unfortunately for the relative neither, I or his son lives within easy distance from him and he is completely and utterly illiterate as to computers. He was tomorrow just going out on his own to purchase a laptop, but I suggested that under no circumstances should he do that until such time as he had some experience using a PC. Again unfortunately, it would seem that none of his friends or neighbours are sufficiently knowledgeable to advise him. I have offered to drive down for a day with my laptop, but he obviously does not have broadband connection at this time, I also feel that anyone in his position needs several time spaced periods to gain experience and indeed ascertain as to whether a PC is something that he would take to anyway
I have taught people who have never used a PC before and after a short period of time their eyes become glazed over, and I have found it advisable to space out the teaching and increase the times accordingly.
He lives in Evesham, - does anyone out there know of an organisation/group that is able to help in giving him experience in that area?

  bremner 20:04 09 May 2010

This may be a starting point click here

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