PC Grief!

  bamfiesler 12:54 13 Sep 2003

A bout a week ago, I noticed my home page had changed. Sought the problem out in the registry, and that was that. Then I noticed my firewall flag in xp was gone. Did sys retore and lost nav!! (nb this was norton 2000 which I somehow managed to get working when I upgraded to xp). I now have no av protect, and now any cd that is put in the drive is unable to open: I keep getting a prompt to insert the disk that's already in!

A new hard disk is going in this week, with a clean install, but this is maddening. Virus, or what?

Thanx to all - in advance - who respond.

  Jester2K II 13:15 13 Sep 2003

Well do you actually have ANY Anti Virus running at the moment?

If not get AVG free click here and do a scan.

The problems could be the result of a registry corruption or problem after upgrading to XP.

When you get he new hard drive do a clean install of XP but get your AV on as soon as possible.

  bamfiesler 19:17 13 Sep 2003


Many thanks for response. XP has been fine since upgrading in MArch this year; I began using something called 'regscrubxp' of a pcadvisor disk; all the problems seemed to have commenced from this point on. I can't think what I've done...........

  gold 47 19:23 13 Sep 2003

I never use any CD software from any cover disk i just don't trust them.

  rickf 19:27 13 Sep 2003

regscubxp is ok. I use it all the time. Did you by any chance use the "user define" facility and deleted what you shouldn't have.

  bamfiesler 19:39 13 Sep 2003


Yeh, but it was only to get that web page key.

Have followed Jester's advice and am downloading AVG; will post back later tonight with result.

Thanx, guys.

  bamfiesler 20:32 13 Sep 2003

Ok, downloaded the free avg prog, and cannot open it. window pops up with 'blah balah.... is not a win32 application. What's going on here, this is wierd!

  bamfiesler 20:38 13 Sep 2003

please bear in mind that system restore does not resolve any of these issues; if anything, things are getting worse............

  Jester2K II 21:04 13 Sep 2003

Redownload - you have a corrupt copy.

  bamfiesler 23:32 13 Sep 2003

ok, avg re-attempted and installed successfully. No viri, and still can't run anything from either the dvd drive or the cd/rw: every time I click on the drive, I am asked to insert the disc that is already in there!

I won't be able to install xp then, no?

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