PC / GPU crashes at high loads

  Zenalex 18:24 16 Dec 2016


Recently I've been getting a lot of crashes at higher loads on the computer. I believe it's connected to the GPU somehow but not sure. Every time I load up a game it crashes after about 5 minutes, sometimes less. (I have an AMD R9 280)

I have tried : * Updating BIOS * Cleaning dust off the GPU fans * Changed the position of the GPU * Checked temperatures (There have been crashes at 50 degrees celsius to 75 degrees celsius) * Downgraded drivers.

I can have the computer running for hours if I'm watching movies, browing the internet etc. I don't know exactly what happens but everytime it's a different crash screen (Sometimes it's white, other times black. I also get brown, brown with white lines, green and so on) Then when I start it back up I have glitched lines all across the screen (Which also have different colors all the time, ranging from green to yellow to white)

I don't know what to do and would really appreciate some help. If more information is needed I'm glad to provide it.

  Archonar 18:37 16 Dec 2016

Could you give us the full specs, including PSU, it could be that the pc is overloading the PSU when under high loads and that is what's causing the crashing.

  Zenalex 19:10 16 Dec 2016

Specs: GPU - AMD Radeon R9 280 CPU - Intel Core i5 4670k (Cooler is a Intel CPU fan Original E97378-001) MB - MSI Z87-S02 RAM - 8GB DDR Memory PSU - bequiet! Model : BQ K-700W

  Zenalex 19:15 16 Dec 2016

Better formatted*

  1. GPU - AMD Radeon R9 280
  2. CPU - Intel Core i5 4670k (Cooler is a Intel CPU fan Original E97378-001)
  3. MB - MSI z87-S02
  4. RAM - 8GB DDR Memory
  5. PSU - BeQuiet! BQ K-700W
  Archonar 16:56 18 Dec 2016

That fact that you have some very funky sounding colours both when it crashes and when it reboots sounds to me like a faulty GPU, do you know anyone who you could borrow a GPU from to see if the same thing happens when using a different one? If you don't I'm sure a local pc repair shop would be willing to let you borrow one (possibly for a small price). That way you can work out whether it is in fact the GPU that is causing the issue.

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