Is this pc good enough to run modern games?

  Greed378 12:50 07 Aug 2012

So I have no knowledge about PC gaming other than very basics (I know what Ram is and other basics.) and I have no DIY skills so I wouldn't be confident building my own PC. I saw this cheap Rig available on several sites but cheapest on eBay. The link is herelinkI was just wondering which parts of this would I need to upgrade and which would be good enough for modern gaming. If this is way off can anyone direct me to something more realistic. I know it is cheap but I hope it is a reasonable base. thanks in advance.

  KRONOS the First 14:05 07 Aug 2012

The graphics card would definitely need to be upgraded as it is pretty crap for gaming. I would also want to know what power supply (PSU) was in the PC as that also might need to be upgraded along with the GPU (Graphics card).

I see there is a phone number which is good so call and find out the what PSU is supplied.

What is your overall budget and do you need an operating system(OS) monitor,keyboard and mouse?

  Greed378 15:23 07 Aug 2012

My budget is basically what I need but obviously the cheaper the better. Monitor is sorted but I need keyboard and mouse. As for the power supply it says 450 watt branded power supply on the page, but I might ring and find out what brand it is.

  KRONOS the First 16:19 07 Aug 2012

Gaming does not come cheap,my graphics card cost more than that PC but that's another story.

I would prefer 500W PSU and upwards to be on the safe side,keyboard/mouse can be had for a few quid. But you should be looking for at least a HD6850/70 GPU if AMD or perhaps a GTX 460 but it really depends on the games you want to play plus you need to think of games in the future.

  Greed378 16:31 07 Aug 2012

Hmm the longer it lasts the better since I hope to go to Uni. So this computer with the extra ram option. A gtx 460 for ~£120. Mouse and keyboard for ~£30. How hard will the card be to install? I have family who may be able to do that but I need to get the computer to them for that. Could you recommend a power supply? Looks like I might rap it up for ~£520 depending on the power source. Thanks for all the help.

  KRONOS the First 17:20 07 Aug 2012

Something like this, 550W.

As for changing the GPU know it is not difficult but because you are changing from an AMD graphics card the HD 6450 to a Nvidia graphics card,the GTX 460 there is a little more work You will need to remove the drivers for the 6450 from your PC then remove the graphics card stick the new graphics card in then install the new drivers.

But if you were to get this card HD 6850 all you will need to do is take the 6450 out and put the 6850 in, then go here Drivers and get the latest and you are good to go.

  Greed378 18:08 07 Aug 2012

I'm ok with removing drivers and if I am having trouble, there's always the Internet. I want this to last as long as possible as spare money is difficult to come by as a student. I don't mind spending up to £200 on a graphics card if I need to. Thanks for all the help, just need to find a good graphics card.

  KRONOS the First 18:41 07 Aug 2012

Graphics card.


Total £177.27 including postage and this is next day by the way.

  Greed378 18:47 07 Aug 2012

Thank you so much for the help. This is now solved.

  KRONOS the First 18:58 07 Aug 2012

Your welcome.

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