pc gone mad!

  silkylady 12:22 13 Mar 2006

Hiya, this morning on turning on my power switch at the wall our desktop sprang into life (its connected through an extension socket to the main power switch at the wall but usually you have to push the pc's switch on too, I cheated last night and just turned the main power switch off Anyway, pc sprang into life (as if it hadn't been shut down properly which it obviously hadn't :( ), the light around the start button was madly flashing, the lights on the keyboard were madly flashing, the monitor which was on was also madly flashing (blank but as if trying to display something, the cd/dvd roms drawers wont open and I cannot access anything at all.

Could it be a virus? I've ruined something by not shutting down? Is there anything I can try?

Its making an odd noise too as if constantly crashing without getting chance to load anything up at all......fan is whirring away.

Its a emachines 410, 2.4ghz, 512mb ram, 80gb hd,

Thanks for any info

  Totally-braindead 12:32 13 Mar 2006

If you just switched it off without shutting the PC down you could easily have corrupted the registry. What operating system do you have?

  silkylady 12:37 13 Mar 2006

Hiya its windows xp home. thanks

  gudgulf 12:59 13 Mar 2006

First thing to do is switch the pc off by using the on/off switch (you might need to hold the button in for a few seconds before it powers off).

Now switch on again and see if it is still misbehaving.

  silkylady 13:18 13 Mar 2006

wont let me

  johnnyrocker 13:20 13 Mar 2006

what happens when you hold the power switch in?


  silkylady 13:27 13 Mar 2006

Nothing! Only way to turn pc on or off at moment is through main power socket! Its just on and whizzing! Light around power button is just whirring round instead of static as it usually is. And cannot open any drawers to insert xp disk to try doing a repair as someone has already advised elsewhere. Its completely locked up though it hasn't loaded anything!

  gudgulf 13:42 13 Mar 2006

Its looking like the power supply (psu) in the computer has been damaged.

If the power button on the from of the pc is no longer working and is not just stuck in then there is something wrong with the circuitry controlling the switch and the power supplied to the pc.

With a bit of luck it will be just the psu that has gone.It's not a big job replacing the psu and a replacement will not be dear for your pc.

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