Pc going off!

  jay77 21:11 03 Oct 2005

Nearly every time on line after a bit usually in riviting chats! It said pc key pressed in pc test or keyboard error,and it may have to be replaced.Even when not pressing as far as i know.This hewlett packard message on full screen comes up on restart,please help!

  VoG II 21:22 03 Oct 2005

Can you try explaining this properly please. The above makes absolutely no sense.

  jay77 21:25 03 Oct 2005


  VoG II 21:28 03 Oct 2005

It may make sense to you because you can see something on your computer screen. We can't.

You haven't given any details about your PC, your operating system or what software you are trying to use.

Please describe fully the problem(s) that you are having.

  jay77 21:29 03 Oct 2005

windows 98 se,hewlett packard vectra pc what else!

  phono 21:55 03 Oct 2005

Are you saying that whilst using your computer online it just spontaneously shuts down or crashes or something and you then get a keyboard error on restarting it?

If so, can you please tell us exactly what the error message is?

Does this only happen when you go online?

  jay77 22:37 03 Oct 2005

Yes but it varies as i said above the hewlett packard message comes up on resart.

  gudgulf 23:01 03 Oct 2005


I think what you mean is that whilst online, and typing messages on your computer it frequently crashes and restarts.On restarting you are getting a keyboard error message.

If so check that the keyboard is properly plugged in at the back of the computer and that you have no sticking keys.

The chances are you have a faulty keyboard..they don't last forever.

  phono 23:05 03 Oct 2005

When you say it varies what do you mean? Does the error message vary or does it vary when the computer crashes?

  DieSse 23:14 03 Oct 2005

Try another keyboard - sounds like you've got a fault on the one you have, it thinks keys are being pressed when they're not.

  jay77 01:03 04 Oct 2005

Yes its probably a few years old,could be 15 or more not sure, most time no message it goes goes blank screen,popping noise on speakers then off.It quite often happens when in a chat or downloading or finishing a clip etc.Its an hp board can i just get a cheap one is any1 compatable etc,and mouse is that similarly cheap and available,it seems stiff a lot also, thankyou jason.

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