pc gives blank screen

  malokolo 23:16 30 Jan 2010

i am running win XP ,my pc gives blank screen ,the power is reaching the motherboard(cpu fan running + Leds lighting) but there is no power on self test nothing lights on key board when it startes,please any body can guide me what things to check.


  OTT_B 00:41 31 Jan 2010

The power supply (PSU) is the most likely candidate. Lights can come and fans can spin even when the PSU has failed.

  Diemmess 11:19 31 Jan 2010

Try this just in case it is software misbehaving:

Switch off.
Press and hold the reboot switch for 30 seconds.
Switch on again.

I've absolutely no idea why this works, but it has done for a friend, other forum members and me.

Presumably it has much the same effect as the more laborious removal and reinserting the internal battery.

  Diemmess 11:29 31 Jan 2010

Should have said switch off at the wall

  malokolo 16:19 31 Jan 2010

i have changed the power supply with new one,i also tried the above method still having the same problem.

  OTT_B 16:51 31 Jan 2010

Sounds more ominous then.

Try removing all RAM, bar one stick and switch on again. If that doesn't work then try a different RAM stick.

Failing that, try using a different graphics adaptor. If you're using onbaord graphics borrow and fit a dedicated graphics card. If you're using dedicated graphics then use onboard (if available) or borrow a different card.

If that doesn't work then your motherboard is probably dead. Check for vsually knackered capacitors as a starting point.

  malokolo 17:25 31 Jan 2010

i will try those things and will post the results i got

  tony2k1 16:04 22 Apr 2010

i think your motherboard is not working properly, b'coz if memory problem it will beep like tarrr tarrr ...

cpu fan running it means psu is working, cpu fan and led etc take power from psu not from motherboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:36 22 Apr 2010

Might be worth fitting a new CMOS battery.

Also try with DVD and hard drives disconnected.

Should boot to BIOS error message.

  redsusan 08:38 23 Apr 2010

Hi, I have bought a Acer Aspire x3300 with Vista.
It has been fine for a couple of weeks , but this morning when i try to turn it on it just keeps re-booting it says configuring update 3 of 3 then shuts down and starts again. i have preeses the f12 key and click to repair but that dident work.
Help needed please

  redsusan 08:39 23 Apr 2010

sorry in wrong place. will try again.

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