PC getting a bit slow and hard drive getting kinda full...what can I do to make it SUPER FAST again?

  julius44 06:48 26 Oct 2013

Hello and good morning to you all. here are the specs to my PC:

It seems to be getting a bit slow, and I want to make it a LOT faster, not sure if the hard drive is getting full up.

Windows 7 home premium Intel R Core TM i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10gHZ 8.00GB RAM 1TB HARD DRIVE. 64 BIT OPERATING SYSTEM.


I have a 2tb external hard drive attached to it, and I dont mind moving stuff, but not sure about the stuff on the C drive. When i click on to my c drive I get the following folders: Allshare Apps Drivers Intel Perlogs Program files Program files (X86) Temp tmp Users Windows.

I have itunes on my pc and ALL my music is on the hard drive, maybe I can move all my itunes with playlists to my 2tb external hard drive(this is constantly connected to my desktop as it has an electrical power source) hard drive but not sure how to do this, lol. Also i have 2 of the 1tb external portable hard drives so I dont mind moving stuff to them, just need to know what I'm moving and back up some to the 1tb external hard drives and then DELETE any stuff i dont need from my pc hard drive.

Any advice or software that can show(free) what things are taking up my hard drive and how to move them would be much appreciated. I would like to have as much space as possible on my pc instead, as ive got loads of space on my portable hard drives

I have system mechanic installed on my desktop but this doesnt seem to do much lol. I'd like to sort this out today please. so as much advice help as possible would be much appreciated. many thanks


  onthelimit1 08:45 26 Oct 2013

To see what is taking up space on the hard drive, use WinDirStat. It's often the fault of hidden backups. Download from Bleeping Computer here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:18 26 Oct 2013


That's not full enough to affect anything!

You have plenty of RAM therefore you need to check what you cpu usage is.

If its running slow then sounds as if you have too many things running in the background.

Check for malware and viruses- get rid of all those additional tools bars that get added - use the blackviper web site to check you have the right amount of services running.

  awest3 17:17 26 Oct 2013

There are quite a few things you can do to improve the speed of your PC, although to be fair most modern PC’s have so much spare power that they tend to be ok even if not optimised.

My firts port of call is Msconfig.

Msconfig – (Microsoft Configuration) A bit of a daunting title but easy to use.

Nearly every application you have on your machine will try to use the ‘start-up’ utility to start their programs when the machine starts. Probably 99% of these programs won’t be used during your session on the PC. When using the PC any program you do want to use will automatically be loaded when you click on it, so there’s no need to pre-load these programs.

Because the programs in the ‘Start-up’ utility are pre-loaded they slow down the start-up process of the PC and waste a lot of memory whilst the PC is running. They also slow down the shutdown of the PC as each of these programs has to be closed before the PC can shut down.

The aim is to have as few programs loading at start-up as possible.

On my machine I only have my security software (MS essentials) in the start-up utility.

1) Click on the start icon in the bottom left corner of your screen 2) Type MSCONFIG in the search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the search results. For XP you need to click on RUN to get the window up. 3) Windows will launch Microsoft's System Configuration Utility. Click on the Start-up tab 4) This takes you to a page with a list of "start-up items." Start-up items are programs that are automatically loaded every time you turn on your computer. Very few start-up programs are necessary; and are simply a waste of resources.

5)On this screenshot you can see that only the security software has a tick in the box which tells it to load at start-up time. Here's a good example of what NOT to load. On my computer I have installed Apple's Quicktime player. For some reason or other, Quicktime decided that it should always be running on my computer even when I am not using the program. That's silly. To prevent Quicktime from automatically starting every time I boot my computer, I ran MSCONFIG and unchecked "Quicktime." That's it. Do the same for any other programs you do not want to run at start-up time. 6) Click on the OK button. 7) A message will pop up telling you that you must restart your computer before these changes will take effect. Click on "Restart" and your computer will restart with the new ‘start-up’ list. 8) If you remove something you need, simply go back to MSCONFIG and put a tick in the relevant box. IF you do not want to restart at the moment simply click ‘do not restart’ the changes will come into effect after the next start of the PC.

Worth a shot


  awest3 17:19 26 Oct 2013

You may also want to try defragging the hard drive..

Type defrag in the search box and it should come up with options to use


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 26 Oct 2013

CCleaner is a much easier way to disable (re-enable if you suddenly find you needed it) "start up" programs.


I suggest you upgrade from MSE as Microsoft have admitted their antivirus is "basic" compare to other free AV programs

  awest3 20:45 26 Oct 2013

Fruitbat, Its quite correct to say you can stop programs from starting by using Ccleaner indeed you could also put Advanced system care and Wise365 into the same category (I use all 3). However I also find i like to use the basic commands where possible and you do not have to download and use any extra software (as good as it maybe) each to their own I suppose.

I also find that MSE, for me at least, has kept my machines clean for some time. I also use Malwarebytes, Emisoft and susperantispyware each month.

To speed up a PC we should also talk about defragging, uninstalling unused software, keeping drivers up to date (I'm in the if it aint broke don't fix camp mostly but not always.) and installing MS updates as and when they become available.

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