pc gaming rig but games lag even offline?

  RiverPhoenix 03:44 25 Jan 2013

I am able to run any pc game on ultra settings with no trouble at all but this is my problem: I get a contant rate of 60 frame rates but every 1 minute or 2 the frame rates drop to about 17-18 and the game lag really bad but there is no difference in visuals then after about 15 seconds the frame rates shoot back up to 60 again and the game is back to normal? Why is this happening ive tried everything possible to fix this for nearly 6 months now its sucks! Games i play are Far cry 3, dishonored, War Z, Black light retribution, Diablo 3, Assassins creed 3 etc..

specs are: AMD FX 8120 8-core 3.1GHz cpu

ASRock 880GM-LE FX motherboard

8 gigs of hyper kingston ram

1TB seagate HDD

GTX 660 TI

Cooler master 700 power supply

And i have 4 fans in the system too


  Chronos the 2nd 07:26 25 Jan 2013

Certainly an odd one your rig should play your games fine.

You might want to try this Evga Precision and use it to make a log of what is happening with your GPU whilst gaming.

Another program is Lavalays which will log just about everything. This might not be possible but if you can have it running and showing on a secondary monitor it might help to pinpoint your problem.

  RiverPhoenix 07:39 25 Jan 2013

ok will do and i will post the results i know though that my cpu temps and gpu only ever get to a max of 51 degrees? and thats rarely?

  c4rm0 09:03 25 Jan 2013

Disable your AV while playing , Update / make sure you got latest Chipset drivers installed , Try different GFX card drivers, Scan for malware/Viruses, Check the temperature of your CPU/GFX card while playing also Have you tried a fresh Install of the OS?

I had a similar issue with my old Nvidia 8800GTS would always get random fps drops to like 10fps when normally i averaged 100-120fps on COD4 a couple months later the card died completely :( vertical Lines on screen

  howardD 06:35 26 Jan 2013

Possible that your CPU or System Memory has high usage. You can check that via your Task manager. RUN > taskmgr.exe and navigate to performance (try to check that while the game is active if possible). If you notice a high CPU or System Memory usage you will need to track down the cause, what can rather be some processes or services or a possible infection.

It can be spike lag caused by your Internet connection latency (if online). Try out Latency Optimizer from www.badosoft.com/latency-optimizer.php

Good luck! STOP LAG!

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