PC Gaming on a 42" Full HD LCD TV?

  Tinkey Winkey 23:27 13 Dec 2008

I'd like to know if I can play FPS games on a large LCD TV?
Mainly COD4 but also Crysis.

I'd like to get a 42" FUll HD 1920 x 1080 resolution TV connected to my PC via HDMI .
I don't know if my graphics card will be able to play on such a large TV?
I have an Core2 E8500 @ 4GHZ with a Radeon X2 4870 Windows XP Pro.

Anyone tried this and if so what's the max resolution you can play at?
What kind of frame rate could I expect?

On a 26" plus computer monitor the max resolution is 1900 x 1200.
Is this compatible on an HD TV with 1920 x 1080 resolution?
Will the image be stretched /distorted?

Also am I likely to see more smearing during fast movement compared to a regular monitor?
I have seen some large LCD TVs with a 4ms response for gaming on a console.

If not a 42" TV has anyone got a 32" or above TV on your PC, what's your experience please?

  Graham. 23:43 13 Dec 2008

Gaming Forums may be the best place for this sort of thing. Try click here

  ambra4 00:10 14 Dec 2008
  Tinkey Winkey 01:34 14 Dec 2008

That review of the X2 4870 was helpful regarding frame rates and resolutions in various games.
However they were using a 30" PC Monitor with correctly scaled resolutions for games.

Dunno how resolution of games will scale on a TV with 1920 x 1080 though?

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