pc games not loading

  cahill01 13:49 13 Sep 2006

Yes iam trying to find if anyone bought wallace & gromit project zoo game. I bought it for my nephew some time back, it wont install on my pc.The error message is zoo-sse_exe. Ive being on to w&g web sites, but they r useless. I also found on there site lots of complaints regarding project zoo, same problem as mine. But no answers to the problem. I sent an email to the site and it was returned this morning saying its being delayed sending it. Can anyone help plz.

  cahill01 12:00 14 Sep 2006

come on someone plz reply.

  Totally-braindead 12:27 14 Sep 2006

I spent a couple of hours trying to find something on your other thread click here and I think that you may have a faulty disk as it won't even install. If it installed but wouldn't play then I would think it would be the SIS onboard graphics aren't up to it. Since it won't even install then try installing it on another PC, if that does the same thing then the CD/DVD is faulty.

  Totally-braindead 12:29 14 Sep 2006

Just to clarify this. The game doesn't install, is this correct? Or do you mean the game won't run as thats something completely different.

  cahill01 12:33 14 Sep 2006

Sorry it will install, but when you click to play it just goes off screen.

  Totally-braindead 12:39 14 Sep 2006

Ah right that totally different I wondered reading what the others have said. As far as I'm concerned the problem is almost certainly due to the SIS graphics. You need to buy a graphics card assumming you PC can take one.
Will need the make and model number of your motherboard to tell you what you can do SIW will give you this info click here or look in your manual if you have one you are looking for either a AGP slot or a PCI Express slot ( PCI Express is completely different from a PCI slot - don't get them confused )

  Totally-braindead 12:52 14 Sep 2006

The required spec for the game is
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
600 Mhz P3 (or equivalent) processor
32Mb DX8.1 compatible 3D graphics card - eg GeForce 2 or higher Direct
X 8 compatible sound card 128 Mb RAM.

However Windows 98 does seem to have problems running it I'm afraid according to what I have been able to read. Customer support also appears to be non existant. The SIS graphics will definately not be up to the job.

  cahill01 12:56 14 Sep 2006

Ok 2004 RZ series Motherboard, GA-8S661FXM
1 AGP slot 4x/8x[1.5] device support
3PCI slot. hope this is right info. thanks.

  Totally-braindead 13:06 14 Sep 2006

Ok so its AGP you need. Now the decision you have to make is how much you wish to spend. Just to run this game you could probably get away with buying something like this click here or this click here but depending on how fast your computer is and how long you will be keeping it you might want to consider spending a bit more and getting something like this click here The second card by the way, the one from Morgans is a bargain for the price, its brand new and used to retail a couple of years ago for about the £150 mark.
There is no point spending a lot of money on a graphics card if your computer isn't up to it.

  cahill01 16:51 14 Sep 2006

Thanks braindead, from my old pc tower i found a card mx440 8x-v64 it also says V DATA vd08616a-68 is this a graphics card. it looks just like the novatech ge force 6200. Also a Live 5.1 Digital sound blaster. could i install these in my new tower if so how.

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