PC Game - Unreal Tournament ONLINE Play

  Spex 21:35 03 Apr 2006


ive been playing Unreal Tournament a while and i cant play online games. I think its 2003. This game works perfectly but I cannot play Online. Every server i click on gives me the same error: Connection failed.
I have been lookin out on the internet but couln't find anything.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:39 03 Apr 2006

Do you have a firewall installed? Check that it is not blocking it...

  Spex 21:48 03 Apr 2006

i dont know how to check, i have norton installed?

  Spex 21:50 03 Apr 2006

to be honest i dont want to play around with my firewall settings and the rest of it, i thought it would be an easy thing to solve, but if it is to do with my firewall then its really not worth the trouble, but thx for the reply.

  wolfie3000 23:55 03 Apr 2006

Spex check for updates for the game and also check unreal tournament forums.

  Spex 09:06 04 Apr 2006

good idea.

  Spex 17:06 04 Apr 2006

the updates didnt work, still sais connection error. any other ideas, just wondering, if i wanted to how would i turn off the firewall temporarily?

  Magic Hobo 17:32 04 Apr 2006

I used to have Norton but don't anymore, but I seem to remember that you could disable Norton by right clicking on the icon and clicking disable.

Search the Internet for what ports Norton uses and then open those in the firewall settings in Norton, there's no need to turn off the firewall, just change the settings.

Magic Hobo

  vinnyT 13:26 05 Apr 2006

In zonealarm there is the option, under program control, to block, allow or ask (the latter will ask if you want to allow the specified prog access to the internet every time it tries to access) individual programs access to the net.

There may be a similar option in Norton's firewall somewhere.

Hope this helps.

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