PC game with "copy protection"

  Fleetblue 23:50 23 Feb 2008

My stepson recently bought a PC game "Ancient Wars - Sparta" which will not run on our PC. After several attempts I noticed the following in the instruction booklet "NB This game is protected by copy protection. The DVD must be inserted into the DVD-ROM drive to play the game. Unfortunately our DVD drive appears to be DVD+/-RW. Does this mean that this particular game is useless as far as our PC is concerned, or is there any way round this?

  woodchip 23:55 23 Feb 2008

If the DVD+/-RW is in the computer it should work ok. Unless it sees that it is a RW drive rather that a DVD Rom Drive

  Diemmess 08:02 24 Feb 2008

I would have thought that any CD/DVD burner is at least capable of READING a CD or DVD?

Can you play any ordinary DVD? This should prove whether the drive is behaving itself.

  eedcam 09:10 24 Feb 2008

May well be as said the fact that built in protection senses its a writer .Try leaving the disc in when you shut down and see what hapens on start up. Also can you explore the the disc

  bowman 09:43 24 Feb 2008

I've come across this problem once before, Its not always the CD/DVD player thats the cause. It can be the software that you have on your Pc.

If you have any software that can copy/clone a cd/dvd on your Pc then the program finds this and stops you installing the programe/game.

  eedcam 11:12 24 Feb 2008

Games Protection is way above and beyond Movie protection An RW drive on its own is enough to alarm it

  tullie 11:40 24 Feb 2008

All my games play ok with my dvd r/w,regardless off what ive got installed.Does it install?Is it compatible with your o/s?

  Fleetblue 12:21 24 Feb 2008

Many thanks for all your answers. I'll try to answer the questions raised.
1 I can play ordinary DVD's
2 I don't appear to have any copy/clone software installed.
3 The game is compatible with my o/s. It installs up to a certain point then an error message appears asking if I want to "carry on to debugging" or "cancel". No matter which option I choose the screen freezes at that point.
4 I haven't tried to explore the disc. As soon as I place it in the drive, Autorun takes over and installs it up to the point mentioned above.

  citadel 13:57 24 Feb 2008

see if you have starforce.
right click my computer , properties, hardware, device manager, view, show hidden devices, expand non plug and play drivers, right click on any starforce and choose disable.

  eedcam 14:57 24 Feb 2008

Just found If you have Vista and an ATI graphics card it will not run

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