pc froze during start up

  berylh30 10:53 15 Apr 2007

My Compaq Pesario S5500uk froze during start up
(operating system windows XP home)
rebooted but Windows would not start up.

Tried various things....got the message.......
"Corrupt "Windows root>\system32\hal.dll"

Then put the Compaq System recovery CD in and rebooted, got the message.....

"Stop: C0000218 (registry file failure) registry cannot load the hive (file):\system32\configsecurity or its log or alternative is is corrupt, absent or not available.

Could someone please advise, on what to do next, in detail, step by step, any help to recovery would be greatly appreciated.

  missingit 11:02 15 Apr 2007
  provider 2 11:27 15 Apr 2007
  berylh30 12:27 15 Apr 2007

Hi, missingit, and provider 2.....

missingit.....method 1 does not apply to xp home
method 2,3 and 4 cannot get past the message starting with "STOP ...... etc as in my opening thread.

provider2......apparently one should not use your method if the windows system is OEM installed and mine is........

or am I not doing the proceedure correct.

  provider 2 15:35 15 Apr 2007

I`m not sure how much of this you have done already but these are HP`s recommendations: click here

  provider 2 15:37 15 Apr 2007

and: click here

  berylh30 20:18 15 Apr 2007

Have tried most combinations of start up as per the reccomendations previously listed in these threads........to no avail

I can get the starting PC recovery broad white line with diminishing black lines at the bottom of the screen ......

and then always end up with this message....

" Stop: C0000218 (registry file failure) registry cannot load the hive(file):\systemroot\system32\config\security or its log or alternative it is corrupt, absent or not writable"

Windows will start to boot up, but then goes off after a few seconds giving me a blank blue screen.

I cannot get the options to do a normal recovery or even a full system recovery

Have tried all the options given by using the "F" keys.

I'm struggling with this one......

  berylh30 07:46 16 Apr 2007

I'm beginning to think my hard drive has gone to meet its creator in the big blue yonder...do you concur?

  provider 2 10:15 16 Apr 2007

Quite possibly. However, you may find something here which, if nothing else, might help to restore your system. click here

  provider 2 10:22 16 Apr 2007

And this: click here&

  berylh30 23:55 16 Apr 2007

The hard drive had a bad sector and is now being replaced.

Thank you all for your assistance, it has been greatly appreciated.

Not much we can do about faulty hardware except replace it.......its a pity it happened just 6 days outside of the 3 year extended warranty.

This is the second time something has gone wrong with one of my computers, within a few days of the warranty expiring...........makes you think dos'nt it.

Thanks everyone......

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