Pc frequent random freeze/crash/lockup problems.

  lee.dyson 18:46 04 Jan 2003
  lee.dyson 18:46 04 Jan 2003


I have a new computer (1.3g Duron, PC Chips M/B, 512mb ram etc.), I have installed Windows ME myself and updated via the Microsoft web site but the problem I have is that I get completely random crashes/lockups etc. This can happen when I'm in Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, Publishing a web via Frontpage, Printing via different applications, virus checking (I have used two different ones, uninstalling one before installing new one). Some crashes state that:

vsmain has caused an error in MSI.dll
vsstat....................... mcscan.dll

etc. etc or combinations of the above, although an error in MSI.dll does seem to be the most frequent.

Can anyone help?

  AMD_MAN23 19:05 04 Jan 2003

Could be a large range of things, but i would first see if your CPU is overheating and make sure your power supply is up to standard, these will cause lockups.


  lee.dyson 19:37 04 Jan 2003


I was about to reply but guess what! Yep! Crashed had to wait for the 'improper shutdown checking disk' thing!

The cpu is at 33 degrees (PC been on hours, yep crashed several times though).

The power supply is 300w so I don't think that is the problem as I haven't hooked the scanner etc to it yet, just a cdrom, cd-rw, and a usb printer with its own power supply.

It seems sometimes that the crash occurs when there are several windows open although it didn't happen on the 650mhz Athlon that I have upgraded from.

  wawadave 19:49 04 Jan 2003

see if there,s something in this link that might help
click here how 2 run m.e well ver.4

  graham 19:55 04 Jan 2003

No help with your problem but to speed up your re-starts you should be able to cancel the checking disk thing.

  Joe McG 19:57 04 Jan 2003

lee.dyson, try booting into bios, and turn the core voltage up one notch.
This is a remedy for when the psu cannot sustain a steady flow of electricity.

  VictoriaChalets 22:28 04 Jan 2003

I had a similar problem and setup (Win98ME and PC Chips MB) and it took a month to solve as it was the last thing I thought of as there were so many red herrings. Updating the graphics driver (even though it was a fairly new machine) cured my problems. Hopefully it will cure yours.

  woodchip 22:34 04 Jan 2003

Two things you can try, first Win98 or WinME does not like above 256 MB memory unless you use something like CacheMan.exe

second you could try updating your Direct X files to the latest

  lee.dyson 09:42 05 Jan 2003


I have just printed off the info at the site you suggested (no crashes!). I'll have a look through that. Thanks.

  lee.dyson 09:46 05 Jan 2003


I have booted into bios, but it seems that I can only change the processor speed (1300/1800 I think) and the memory speed (100/133). The voltage figures seem 'greyed' out.

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