Pc is freezingoing on boot up

  Christopher Hotchkiss 20:14 09 Dec 2016

Hi All,

Last week I was playing fm17 when my pc completely froze. I had to hard reset with the case button.

When I tried to log in to Windows again it just boots up past BIOS screen then it freezes on the windows logo with spinning dots.

I tried reinstalling windows and formatting hard drives. Setting BIOS back to default. Reinstalling drivers. I removed my GPU and booted up with integrated graphics from mobo hdmi out and the pc will work as normal. When I put my GPU back in the freezing issue returned.

Any help would be appreciated.


CPU:Intel i5-3570k (not oc'ed) Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V LK Memory: 8GB KINGSTON HYPERX BEAST DDR3 2400MHz X.M.P Graphics Card: Gtx 780ti 1st Hard Disk120GB KINGSTON V300 SSD 2nd Hard: 1TB WD CAVIAR BLACK WD1002FAEX Power Supply: CORSAIR 650W TX650 V2-80

  chub_tor 21:49 09 Dec 2016

Sounds like a power supply problem. Have you connected the graphics card up correctly? Can you try the card in a different PC or try a different power supply.

  Christopher Hotchkiss 22:03 09 Dec 2016

As far as I can tell it'seems connected right. I don't have spare. Would it be best to buy a cheap one to test it out in your opinion?

  chub_tor 22:18 09 Dec 2016

I think that the fact your PC runs OK when you use the onboard graphics but not when you put in the GTX780 means that buying a cheap graphics card won't necessarily tell you much. As a first check I would put all your parts into the PC Parts Checker Click Here just to make sure that they are all compatible. Then beg, borrow another known good Power Supply.

  Christopher Hotchkiss 22:20 09 Dec 2016

Ok. I shall try and borrow one. Thanks for both your comments.

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