PC Freezing/Locking Up

  THERIG 18:53 21 Jan 2015

Hey recently I've had an issue with my PC randomly freezing, this would happen at anytime although more often when gaming. I had put this down to my HDD since I knew It was failing. Anyway today I upgraded my PC but the random freezing persists, so far It's happened twice with roughly 30 minutes between them. I've installed a new SSD, a new HDD and replaced the GPU. I also brought a new case and I'm using 3 components from my old case, the Motherboard, Power Unit & CPU, all 1-2yrs old and in good condition. Everything has been installed correctly in the new case to my knowledge (This isn't the first time I've done this) and I've installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home Premium onto the SSD. All of that went off without a hitch. Since then I've installed a few things, mostly drivers etc that came with the components, I've updated the GPU driver to the latest and Windows Update is currently downloading it's updates (I'm hoping that will do the trick). Also overheating is not an issue here, that's one of the first things I checked. I haven't been able to find any error reports relating to the freezing either.

So yeah I was sure that it was my old HDD causing the freezing but now that it's continued with a new SSD/HDD I'm not so sure.

Specs: MB: GA-990FXA-D3 CPU: AMD FX-6200 6 Core 3.80GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (ASUS) RAM: 8GB SSD: SAMSUNG SSD 840 EVO 250GB HDD: TOSHIBA DT01ACA050 500GB

Any help would be appreciated.

  THERIG 18:55 21 Jan 2015

Just to clarify, the freezing is the type where you have to shut down rather than the type where it comes back after a few seconds/minutes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 21 Jan 2015

FReeezing PC

  1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

  2. PSU voltages

  3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

  4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

  5. driver conflicts especially graphics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment

You seem to have dealt with 1 and 5 (fresh install) and 6


  THERIG 20:30 21 Jan 2015

Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat. I'll check 2 and 4 now although I'm confident they aren't the issue. I'm confident it's not 3 as well.

I was just thinking back to when the freezes happened and I recall that I was downloading some stuff at the time. In particular I was downloading DA:I from Origin, Skype and I think Windows Update was downloading as well. That was the second crash. The first I was downloading DA:I, Windows Update and I may have been downloading some thing as well. I noticed that both times the DA:I download reset to 0% both times, as in I had to restart the download from the beginning after restarting the PC, normally I just resumes from where it left off.

It hasn't crashed since those 2 about 2-3 hours ago (I haven't downloaded more than 1-2 things at a time since then, haven't retried DA:I yet either).

I wonder if it could have anything to do with that^

  THERIG 15:52 22 Jan 2015

I've checked everything on your list and I'm certain their not the the issue. Out of interest I tried to DL DA:I from Origin twice and both times the computer shut down within 10-20 minutes. I'm now trying the DL whilst in Safe Mode and so far there's been no issues.

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