PC freezing, wont boot or slow performance.

  David Mitchell 10:59 17 Nov 2018

My PC started freezing whilst playing a game (mech warrior online - not a particularly new game) about 2 months ago. The whole thing was locking up and the only way to exit was to restart it at the power switch. I stopped playing this game and everything was fine since, although every time I went on the game the issue reoccurred.

Unfortunately last night the PC suddenly froze whilst playing a video on youtube. Similar symptoms, could only unlock it by rebooting at the power switch. It restarted fine as normal, but then the performance was horrendously slow. Boot time, 5 mins, internet explorer several minutes to load etc etc.

So I restarted it again, this time using the correct shutdown procedure. On reboot this time, instead of windows starting properly, the screen was just black with only the cursor on it. Ctrl + Alt + Del didn't work, windows button didn't do anything, etc. I waited probably 20 mins and nothing changed.

Since then I've restarted it several times. Sometimes it goes to the black screen, sometimes it boots normally (possibly a bit slow, but nothing terrible) and then gets these spikes of slow performance. Seems to be particularly prevalent whilst playing video content. I dare not try play a game.

Any advice appreciated, even if its just "its black Friday soon, get something new".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 17 Nov 2018

Sounds like graphics card (had similar), can you open the machine and make sure everything is clean and dust free especially graphics card fan?

  rdave13 19:00 17 Nov 2018

Could be the CPU overheating and throttling in as a safety measure. Above advice is excellent.

  David Mitchell 18:58 20 Nov 2018

Thanks both. Working away this week but will give both a go when home.

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