PC freezing up whilst playing CIV: BE

  chucklehead 18:15 29 Oct 2014

Hello folks

My PC has started freezing up and I have no idea why. I'd be grateful if you folks could give me some advice.

I've recently tried to play the new Civ game. It loads up fine, then after a couple of minutes gamelplay, everything freezes. The screen completely locks up, the colours on screen go weird and the graphics become 'fuzzy' for want of a better phrase. The computer becomes unresponsive. I've tried pressing Ctrl, Alt, Delete a few times and get a loud, continuous 'Beeeep' (actually sounds more like a 'boooop'). This has also started happening when playing Football Manager, despite being fine for a year.

I have no option other than to reset my pc. When it boots back up, there are no error messages at all.

My system is getting on a bit, but is still useable:

Windows Vista Intel Core 2 Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz Nvidia Geforce 8800GT 4 gigs of RAM.

Thanks for looking people, I'd appreciate any advice you can give. If I need to supply any more info please let me know.

Thanks, Ian

  Woolwell 21:14 29 Oct 2014

System may be overheating as CIV can graphics demanding depending on what settings you have chosen. When did you last clean the inside of the system? Are the graphics drivers up to date?

It may be time to consider getting a new system.

  Devil Fish 23:13 29 Oct 2014

yep sounds like and over heat pop case open check fans, case, graphics, and processor, clean as required

check drivers up to date Nvidia graphics drivers

click here

  chucklehead 08:56 30 Oct 2014

Hi Woolwell and Devil Fish

I just did as you suggested. Must have been a while, as there was quite a build up of dust in there.

Then, tried the game again - works perfectly!

Thanks guys, I'm really grateful

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