pc is freezing while playing games

  guy with pc problem 18:38 13 Feb 2018

So i bought a new pc 2 months ago but becuase gpu prices were fucked already i decided to use my friend artificial card for some time which he told is gtx 960, so i bought corsair 450w psu for that, but then he told me that install amd drivers, its r9 200 series card, use autodetect and then i saw that this card (280x) requires 600w psu, so i used it some time until weird things started, after gaming if i closed game black screen came and if i shut down pc and tried to put it back on pc didnt react for 2-3 min, then it went back on.... then i removed card and put in my friend HD 5570 which he gave me just so i can play cs atleast, BUT sometimes while playing cs ( cant play other games :D ) my pc just freezes and i think that this r9 card fucked up something in my pc cuz my psu wattage was way too low, maybe someone can give some advise which part usually get damaged when this happens? is this mobo?anyways pc parts are ryzen 3 1200 @3,9ghz, 8gb ram oc'd to 2666mhz, asrock ab350m pro4, 64gb ssd, 1tb hdd, and that corsair vs450w psu, long text but maybe someone can give some advice, i plan to buy new gpu right when prices go close to normal but i think to some parts damage has been done already by that week when that r9 was in system

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