PC freezing for a while after getting online?

  gazmix 20:25 20 Aug 2006

After i start my pc & retrieve all my mails on Mailwasher, all then freezes, i dunno why, it takes like 10 mins for all to get back to normal. If i click start or anything in my taskbar, nothing happens, then all of a sudden it all jumps into life & the items i clicked on start working.
I've run msconfig, but don't know what to delete.
Can anyone help.

  VoG II 20:28 20 Aug 2006

click here should help you.

  woodchip 20:31 20 Aug 2006

It sounds like your Hard Drive going into Standby, if this happens when you are reading your mail

  gazmix 00:13 21 Aug 2006

mmm, the msconfig thing can be dangerous if i don't know what to delete & i don't!

  FelixTCat 07:19 21 Aug 2006


As soon as you start up, open Task Manager and double-click the CPU label. That brings the process with the highest CPU usage to the top.

Then run your normal processes (Mailwasher etc).

When the pc freezes, note the name of the process which takes over the cpu. That will tell you why your pc is slowing right down.



  gazmix 11:05 21 Aug 2006

I think we at last maybe getting somewhere. I restared my pc & before going online & retrieving mail via the mailwasher, i brought up the task manager, then processes & the long list were all fluctuating between
03 etc but the highest number was the "system idle process" with a number of 97.

Then when i'm online like now, i brought up task manager again & the highest number was svchost.exe & then went back to "system idle process".

Also there's a white arrow appeared on the Zone alarm logo in the task bar!
What should i do now!

  FelixTCat 11:33 21 Aug 2006


It is possible that Zone Alarm is carrying out a scan. The anti-virus scan in Zone Alarm does seem to hog processor cycles.

Do you get a small box in the bottom right of your screen saying "Scan started" and later one saying "Scan complete"?

Open ZA's control panel and look at when the last scans took place. Do they correspond with the times when your pc seemed to freeze? On that same page it states when the last updates took place. Do those times correspond?

I have seen something similar with Microsoft's automatic updates. Is your pc set to update automatically? If so, change this to "Notify me..." and see if this helps.



  gazmix 12:01 21 Aug 2006

I do remember lately having no internet connection as only part of ZA was only half updated!

I looked on the tutorial & it does say that ZA anti-virus scans slows down the performance. I don't need anti virus scans as i have my own anti virus programme that i run regularly.

The taskbar icon it says that is brought up when doing a scan, on the tutorial, is a magnifying glass, the one i get is a white arrow up through the ZA logo in taskbar, maybe disabling scans on turning pc on is what i need to do, as this problem has only started since i deleted ZA & downloaded it again. What you think?
Any idea how to do this

When i double click on the ZA icon, i see nothing about scans, only in anti-virus monitoring, it says on!
Should i deactivate this!

  SANTOS7 12:05 21 Aug 2006

As i read it you have TWO Antivirus progs you will need to disable one of them as it is probably the source of your problem, they will result in software conflict...

  gazmix 12:10 21 Aug 2006

The ZA one may run automatically, my AVG just runs when i run it!
Could they conflict, hence 'SYSTEM IDLE" in tast manager.
Should turning off anti virus monitoring in ZA sort the idleness at startup?

  SANTOS7 12:14 21 Aug 2006

Only one way to find out..
pp your system idle process should run in the 90s so no probs

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