PC freezing and looping sound / average fps ingame

  pai_ger 22:26 03 Nov 2018

So basically what is happing is that my PC is freezing while playing games and doing a very loud weird sound (which I assume is a just a short bit of sound getting looped).Also what is happening is that I get a lower average FPS in my games sometimes. Most of the time a restart fixes it but it's still very odd. In overwatch I sometimes go from 190-200 avg. to 120 avg. and even drop below 100.

EDIT:Most of the time the avg. FPS goes back to normal again after some time or just by a restart. But a restart doesn't fix it always.Also I am experiencing the random freeze problem since I have the pc but the avg FPS drop is new.

temps after 20min of overwatch load

What have I tried:

  • I checked the temps

  • I checked the RAM with the built in Windows Memory Diagnostic

  • I reinstalled Windows

Specs of the PC are:

CPU: i7-6700

PSU: Antec VP600P Basic Series

RAM: 2x 8GB PC 2133 CL15 crucial

Hardrives: Samsung MZ-75E250 (250GB) 850 EVO, Toshiba DT01ACA100 (1TB)

Motherboard: ASUS Z-170 A MB Intel 1151

GPU: gtx970 MSI Gaming

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