pc freezing issue still after ram and cpu switch

  tomaszterka444 22:24 21 May 2018

My rig is the following click here and here is my story. So i bought this pre build PC everything worked fine for like 5 months and then it started to shut down randomly, so i send it to the tech support because of the warranty and they said its because of the CPU so they replaced him. I got the PC back shuting down stopped but now heres the next problem i've been facing since then for like 2 months now i think and even when i send it back again and they replaced the RAM sticks its still happening. Sometimes my PC freezes tottaly where a hard reset is neccesary and because of this im losing slight data out of the sudden system power loss. And here are the following things i tried out to fix the issue but it didint help. - reinstall windows 10 - reinstall OS completly from windows 10 to windows 8.1 - change power supply cable - change the socket where the PC is plugged in - update bios - test around with power supply high performance/balanced performance = test around with nvidia gpu power supply options from high performance/optimal power - unplug cd-rom from psu and motherboard because i thought its because of it - remove the dust where i can (the pc is really new no real dust could settle that would effect it in such a way) The freeze happens when i play some game and sometimes even on the normal desktop screen without anything running, i dont even play my games in high graphic settings. HOWEVER the pc does run for like 15 hours everday but the temperatures are normal and the "impact" i cause on him is not even high i just browse the internet via google chrome have some games running sometimes thats it.

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