PC freezing intermittently at start-up

  jonmac 09:51 10 Nov 2009

My PC is sometimes freezing at start-up i.e. first time it got as far as displaying the BIOS name and Motherboard name but not the memory test. Next time it got as far as the end of the usb devices list before freezing. At other times it boots up normally into the just-installed Windows 7.
The PC is a 4 year old Mesh with Athlon 64 dual core cpu.
Could this be a sign of an impending motherboard failure? HDs are new this past year.
If you reply to this and don't get a reply from me soon then you'll know its become terminal!

  User-1229748 14:51 10 Nov 2009

i think i would try installing windows 7 again as it is a fresh install.

  jonmac 15:14 10 Nov 2009

Thanks, smackheadz for the response. I did do a reinstall of Windows 7 for other reasons and it was only then that this problem appeared.

I'll maybe hang fire on that one meantime 'till others make their suggestions. The thought of doing it all over yet again, bearing in mind it's a clean install, doesn't fill me with joy!

  Graphicool1 15:18 10 Nov 2009

Have you installed the mobo chipset drivers?

  jonmac 17:40 10 Nov 2009

Thanks Graphicool1. No, come to think of it I haven't given any thought to the mobo drivers but everything worked pretty well OK first time and apart from this problem also second time. I had a look on the Asus site just now but it was very unresponsive so will try again later. Other sites want me to download driver robots and such-like things but I'm loathe to do that just yet.

  jonmac 18:55 10 Nov 2009

Just downloaded a driver-seeker and it reported no mobo problems.

  jonmac 07:09 27 Nov 2009

Further to ther above I decided to just wait and see. So far the freezing has not reappeared so I'll just treat it as a temporary blip meantime and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't reappear.
Thanks for the suggestions though.

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