PC Freezing During Games, Buzzing Sound

  SamHasNuts 09:56 30 Nov 2015

Hello all,

I've been having issues recently with my machine which have rendered it completely useless for anything more than a light gaming and web browser system, which is rather annoying :pfff: So I have been happily playing Fallout 4 since release (loving it) right up until Thursday, when my PC decided to freeze up on me and emit a loud buzzing noise. The screen goes black, and whatever sound was playing is looped. I went to test a few other games to see if this happens in all 3D Applications and intensive games like GTA V, Metro 2033 etc all freeze up after about 5 minutes of gameplay, but games like Half Life 2, Minecraft etc do not. One weird quirk I found was that leaving GTAV running, but not moving the character did not cause any problems at all, it ran for an hour and did not stop until I moved Michael, as soon as I did this, the pc locked up again.

I got a new GTX 970 Strix (black friday was good to me) and the issues persist, so I know the GPU is not the issue. My Specs are as follows.

AMD FX-6300 Asrock 970M Pro3 8GB Corsair XMS RAM Strix GTX 970 4GB Corsair TX550M Corsair H60i Aerocool Dead Silence 2x 60GB Kingston SSDNow v300 2x 500GB WD Drives (RAID 0 for 1TB storage) Win 10 Pro

Things I have tested so far: Overheating (Heavy load = GPU @ 56degrees CPU @ 34degrees) memtestx86 sfc /scannow reinstalled windows changed PSU (and made sure 550w is enough for my system) ran games from both a dedicated SSD and the RAID array changed GPU removed overclock on CPU and GPU cleaned out entire PC, rebuilt it from scratch, reapplied thermal paste to anything that can have it updated BIOS ran Prime95 and FurMark, no problems reported after 24hrs on each over the weekend

I've done all of this and I'm still having the same issue, so I'm debating if the problem is much simpler than I am making it out to be, but I'm stumped. If anyone has any suggestions then please do tell me. If this is in the wrong thread, I do apologise and ask mods to move it to the right area.



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