PC Freezing

  chocolate cake 12:34 08 Nov 2006

Please can anyone help? My home PC (Windows XP) loads up but when I try to access the Internet the cursor changes momentarily but then stops, therefore I cannot get on t'internet.

I have run a virus checker and it stated there are 2 virus's & recommended cleaning them. I OK'd it but then it froze & I had to re-boot. I cannot remember the name of the virus detected.

This has happened when I try to open up the control panel or other programs & when I shut down using Task Manager as the shut down process begins the program that I was trying to open then opens for a second & closes because the computer is now shutting down. I have had the computer just 12 months so wondered if it should be formatted & start again? I would prefer not to if at all possible.

I tried booting into SAFE mode and running the virus scan again and it still freezes.

  chocolate cake 12:35 08 Nov 2006

I should add that this is posted on behalf of a friend.

  BBW 20:29 08 Nov 2006

If you have more than one memory strip, remove them leaving one, work the computer, if OK, start re-installing them one by one after each work test.
This test isolated a faulty memory strip for me which would seize the system when it hit a particular address!
If you have more than one hard disc, take that out of the system while testing.
Try using your hard disc on 'Cable select'

  BBW 20:33 08 Nov 2006

Also do as suggested in these pages: Click start>run Type in cmd. When DOS screen appears type in sfc /scannow. For this you must have your Windows disc available. The repair will take about an hour!

  woodchip 20:44 08 Nov 2006

Why was it ticked???????

  chocolate cake 23:37 08 Nov 2006

I ticked as resolved because of the number of messages above it. I wasn't sure how to bump it back to the top.

  woodchip 23:43 08 Nov 2006

So have you sorted the Problem if so how?

  chocolate cake 23:49 08 Nov 2006

it's not sorted yet. Any suggestions?

  woodchip 00:07 09 Nov 2006

So it looks like the Virus is the Problem. Bit of a Problem if you Cannot get onto the net with it. As you could have run some online scans on the drive. Can you download Hyjackthis from click here and run it, you need to post it the Log File on a site such as click here to find and sort the problem

  chocolate cake 00:19 09 Nov 2006

Thanks Woodchip and BBW.

I will try to peruade my colleague to download HJT onto a CD and install it that way. I have heard some good reports. Alternatively, I believe that the full version was on one of the cover discs in the last year or so. I'll try to dig it out.

If this doesn't work then we'll try BBW's suggestion and then try downloading.

I'll repost if neither work.

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