PC freezing

  power-up 21:58 11 Jan 2005

When im on a form on my pc (i.e google search, hotmail etc) somewhere i need to type details in (even a web browser to type in a website address) my pc sometimes freezes (about 50% of the time)

does anyone know why this happens and how i can resolve it......

  Taw® 22:29 11 Jan 2005

Neeed to give a few more details OS, graphics card etc. Have you recently installed something? Have you updated drivers or do drivers need updated. If XP try a restore point to before it started to happen

  power-up 23:33 11 Jan 2005

its a windows xp, processor amd athalon 2400, graphics geforce 3 ti500, when its freezes it totally locks, not even mouse works, i have to restart it from the machine base....

  bamfiesler 23:37 11 Jan 2005

So, looks like it's a Browser related problem. What about if you connect via your e-mail client (assuming you have one)?

  power-up 23:39 11 Jan 2005

no dont have an email client base......my internet is with AOL broadband, its an aol browser version 9.0

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