PC freezes whilst Veiwing Video Clips

  bloodnock 19:22 14 Apr 2010

Hi...I operate windows Visat Home premium on an Compaq PC...its a 32 Bit system.

The Problem is that if I view video then after about 10 seconds the Video image freezes and the PC starts to make a sound like Rapid firing machine gun....I cannot even access the Task Manager to close the programme down...Its just like the whole PC has Froxe solid!

Come to think of..it did during a Youtube download as well.

Ive tried a complete reformat and Reinstillation of Vista in the hope that it migt fix the problem...But to no Avail.

PC is around 4 yrs old...short of changing my PC is there any Answer or Cure to this problem...

Kind Regards...J

  Technotiger 19:30 14 Apr 2010

Sounds like a dead or dying Power Supply Unit (PSU).

How long has this been happening? Or might more simply mean that the inside of the case needs a good clean-out. After four years you would be surprised how much dust and fluff can accumulate, such build-up would cause PC to overheat this in turn could be the cause of your problem.

Give the inside a good clean-out especially around all Fans and Air-vents and grills.

  bloodnock 19:43 14 Apr 2010

Thanks Technotiger

The problem started about 2 weeks ago...The PC fans were working overtime to cool it down, I striiped off the side case and removed enough fluff to knit a troll a jersey...The problem of cutting out was there before I cleaned the PC and its still there after the cleaning to..

I did get a couple of Pop up boxes saying R 300 Display adaptor (or some such like) not responding...but when these appeared the PC always froze so I could never open them up to see what they said.

That Didnt figure as its a Radion X1650SE thats in the the casing.

I Installed A driver Update for that radion X1650SE and it never helped either.

  Technotiger 19:55 14 Apr 2010

As the problem is still there after cleaning, I would suspect that the PSU is on its way out.

  bloodnock 20:00 14 Apr 2010

Thanks ...Is their a solution to the PSU being on the way out...or do I need to have a new one on the way In?

  Technotiger 22:56 14 Apr 2010

I would try other cheaper and more simple measures first - like, remove, clean the contacts and refit Video/Graphics card and any other cards, this should eliminate 'tired' connections to motherboard. Also remove clean contacts and refit (in the same slots) all RAM sticks.

See if that makes a difference.

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