pc freezes on startup

  mugen82 15:23 30 Aug 2008

hi peeps,

my pc goes thru the memory check but then freezes while it says " checking IDE drivers "

iv checked that all the conections inside the pc are good but after that im stuck,

hope you guys can help as i need my pc asap =o/

thanks ;)

  crosstrainer 15:26 30 Aug 2008

Sounds like hard drive failure.

To check:

Open the case

Disconnect the hard drive power and IDE / SATA cable.


You should see

"Disk boot failure"

Post back.

  mugen82 15:34 30 Aug 2008

i disconected like you said and it got a bit further then said disk boot failure as you said,

so what next ? do i need a new hdd ??

thanks a lot for ya help btw =o)

  crosstrainer 15:38 30 Aug 2008

Yes, but worth trying this first (remember that when you buy a new hdd you will need the original operating system cd / dvd)

Try reconnecting the drive again (a pin may have worked it's way out)

If that fails then you need a new hdd.

  mugen82 15:43 30 Aug 2008

pluged just the master back in and it worked like a dream ....

thanks a lot mate i owe you a pint ;)

  crosstrainer 15:45 30 Aug 2008

Glad it worked....Thanks for the feedback :))

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