LaneFarmHouse 11:54 21 Apr 2004

I have a 4 month old Packard Bell P4 Desktop. It freezes on the opening Windows window (the one with the green lines moving across it) about once a week. If I then go to "safe mode" I can usually go to an earlier restore point to make it boot up properly. I am advised that the problem may be related to Norton 2004 Professional. Is this true and how can I overcome it? With many thanks.

Any advice would be much appreciated

  FEEBS 13:37 21 Apr 2004

I had the same problem albeit on Windows 98SE. It seemed to be very much temperature dependant in that in the warm weather (over 62 deg.F) it didn't freeze. If I restarted the computer after letting it run for a few minutes it was ok. It appeared to be faulty hardware and a new hard disk cured it. It still occasionally does it, when it does I shut down and restart - it starts in safe mode and when I select "normal start" from the options it loads ok.
Assuming with a computer that new then you'll be running Windows XP so maybe it's worth using system restore to go back to a point when it doesn't happen - have you installed anything that may have caused it?

  FEEBS 13:38 21 Apr 2004

PS I have Norton 2004 but this happened a long time before installing that.

  LaneFarmHouse 11:52 23 Apr 2004

Thanks. PC World refuse to accept that this is a hardware problem and insist that it is software related.

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