PC freezes and restarts when gamingwith my new GPU

  iagotorres 03:41 28 Feb 2019

So, I recently acquired a Galax GTX 1060 for my setup after a short period playing with an Intel HD graphics. After gaming for some minutes with the new GPU (CS GO), my PC suddenly froze and restarted. From this time on, everytime I was playing any game for like 5 mins, the PC would behave the same way. This never happened while I was gaming with my Intel HD Graphics, and I also tried to take off the GPU to test, and no crash/freeze/restarting aswell. An interesting fact is that the pc runs all day normally when not gaming, EVEN with the GPU. After some time, I realized that if I would ALT TAB from FULLSCREEN in CSGO to desktop, it would also FREEZE and RESTART. It's like the PC is struggling to adapt from the CS GO resolution (1024x768) to the desktop's (1920x1080).

A few days later, the pc is now only restarting when the CS GO match ends. If I stay on the screen the whole match, it wont freeze or restart (unless I alt tab a few times, and its kinda random, sometimes with first alt tab it freezes and restarts). I also tried Apex Legends and during the gaming time, like 5 mins, the pc also froze and restarted.

PS: My motherboard, PSU and GPU are brand new; PS2: I already tested both Memories and Memory slots, the same behavior occured; PS3: I tested my GPU in my friend's PC, which has the same MOBO as mine, and none of this happened to his pc. PS4: Already tried downclocking my gpu, since its factory overclocked. Nothing has changed. PS5: I also reinstalled windows 10, nothing has changed.

I wonder if anyone has any idea of what I should do? :(

SETUP: Motherboard: Gigabyte H110m L1151 s2v; Memory: 2x4gb Vengeance 2133 mhz ddr4; PSU: CX 500; GPU: Galax Gtx 1060 Factory OC; CPU: i5-6400 Skylake; SSD Kingston 480gb

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 28 Feb 2019

Possibly a power problem - is your PSU cable of the extra load of the new graphics card?

  iagotorres 11:06 28 Feb 2019

Im sorry, what do you mean by “cable of the extra load”?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:23 28 Feb 2019

typo that should have read "capable"

  iagotorres 13:59 28 Feb 2019

Oh got it. Yes it is pretty enough. I made a test at Outervision (a site where I put my specs and it says the requirements of my PSU) and it says it attends.

I thought it was the PSU, before, I had a a different PSU and felt like the "brand" wasn't trustable. So I changed to a Corsair CX 500, and the problem still the same :/

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