Pc freezes randomly (not due to overheating)

  Gangstarfinn 17:37 22 Jan 2017

Computer freezes randomly. When it does my computers red flashing light will constantly light up red,but when it does feeze one time i was on a youtube video and suddenly the sound cut out and evrything had frozen other than the video its self and it had a buffering sign spinning, after a couple mins they froze up. Ive changed operating systems from windows 10 to 7 to 8 All with product keys. But never froze during installation and the start of a fresh install of an operating system or even on the bios. Only froze when i had things installed

  wee eddie 18:00 22 Jan 2017

I'm guessing that the red light you refer to is the Hard Drive Read Telltale.

You might consider running a health check on it

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