PC freezes just after post

  Ex plorer 10:27 09 May 2006

Hi My PC freezes just after post, the odd time it gives me the option to start in safe mode but wont.
I have tried a different HD but it makes no Difference.
Pressing restart dose no good as there is no single to the monitor as it flashes the green light instead of staying on also the mouse infrared light goes out.
I have a hunch it’s the registry that’s causing the problem, I used a Reg Cleaner and since then all has gone haywire. I have had no probs in the past 2years with it but this time I am not so sure. The MOBO is a mPGA 478 socket Win XP.

  FatboySlim71 10:36 09 May 2006

When the PC starts, keep pressing F8 this should bring up the safe mode options, they should be a couple of other options as well. Give them a try and see if it helps. About the REG cleaner, if you do however get the PC to load windows, try going into your REG cleaner program and normally with them kind of programs is an option to restore changes that have been made.

  Ex plorer 11:32 09 May 2006

Hi I did go back in the Reg as soon as I was getting problems
I have now removed 500MB ram to test it and after trying four times I got to safe mode.
This is what came up when I hit enter to togo into safe mode

Multi O Disk O Partition Windows system 32 Drivers WMILIB
I SANPNP SYS all sys with same heading
Mount MGR

  FatboySlim71 13:00 09 May 2006

I have never noticed that showing up on my PC on the occasions that I have went into safe mode, normally there is these options, Boot in safe mode, last known good configuration (or similar) and I think there was some others as well, Im sorry I can't be anymore help as I have never seen what you have described appearing on my PC. They will be people on this forum who will know doubt be able to help you though.

  Ex plorer 13:32 09 May 2006

Hi well thanks for you time and help.
I have put the ram back there is 1 gig, I have put the XP CD in the PC now keeps booting up on its own and gets as far as the click your user name but then freezes. I also get the option to check the boot system as it has been changed but again it freezes at that screen this is when I can get to the safe modescreen.

  thms 13:48 09 May 2006

Try booting from CD and doing a repair
click here

To boot from CD you will need to go into BIOS and change your boot options to boot from CD.

  Ex plorer 18:56 09 May 2006

Hi I have now formatted a drive on an old Dell and loaded XP NTFS formatted.
It appears that the PC is maybe not freezing but been halted.
The message I am getting is, a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your system.
I can’t start in safe mode as it throws up the above when I try this.
In Bios the Hard Drive is set to boot first how do I change this.
I hit enter and it was halted.
Going to try a different key board as when I type it halts or could be coincidence.

  Ex plorer 19:04 09 May 2006

Ok changed boot to CD Floppy HD and its halted agin.

  keith-236134 19:14 09 May 2006

I had this on my kids computer, turned out to be the graphics card.

  Ex plorer 20:16 09 May 2006

My graphics are onboard, I have tried reloading XP on the original PC but when it has to restart all goes blank and XP wont load any futher.
Thing is the original HD wont work in my other PC.

  Terry Brown 20:16 09 May 2006

It seems as if your best option would be to repair XP using a set of floppy disks to boot. Instruction Follow:

To get the floppy disk program, do a google, and select the microsoft site, ensure you select the correct program for your CD. You will need 6 Floppy disks. Run the program and follow prompts, put the CD in the drive when requested. You will need to change the boot sequence to A: as your first boot.Follow the prompts to disk 6. When you get the blue (Terms) screen (Press F8), you will be given either upgrade or advanced (select advanced)or will go direct to the next screen, You will have various options, the one you need is R (repair), If you select install another XP on you system you will have 2 XP programs running together, which will cause problems.
Good Luck.
This shoud remove the bulk of you window XP operating system, replace the files it removed. Normally any other programs on your computer are left untouched,but as with all major changes-There are no guarantees.

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