PC Freezes with buzzing noise

  dirkgently25 18:42 12 Feb 2016

Hi all,

I have been having a problem with my PC for some time now. The display regularly freezes and it is usually accompanied by a loud buzzing through the speakers. This usually (95% or so of the time) happens when I am gaming, most notably playing XCom 2, Endless Legend and World of Warcraft. other "simple" games like FTL and similar don't seem to generate these hangups. I am happy to change the defective component, assuming there is one, but I don't really know which is the most likely candidate. I have tried GPU benchmarking programs to stress-test the GPU, but it seems to cope without any problems. The temperatures were running pretty high this summer, I live in Cyprus and the GPU and CPUs hit 85 degrees C on occasion. I will list my speccs below and try to video the next time it freezes. When it freezes I have to press the reset button to hard restart the PC and then occasionally I have bootup issues. Not sure if that is related to the hardware issue or just because I am having to restart the PC in that way. I have recently upgraded to Win10 and moved my OS onto an SSD. I installed Win7 from fresh and then upgraded to Win10 on the newly formatted SSD Using MSI afterburner and turning the fan speeds to maximum seems to make the freezes occur less often, but not by a huge amount.

I have also just completed a 4 hour CPU stress test using Prime95. The auto fan speed never got above 25% (although that is the GPU fan) and the temperature stayed at 98C for the temperature test and 85C for the memory/processor test

SPECCS: Motherboard: Gigabyte P55-US3L CPU: Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz RAM: Generic 2x 2Gb DDR3 @ 666MHz GPU: 2Gb ATI Radeon HD 7870 not overclocked Sotrage: 1x 232Gb Samsung 850 SSD, 1x 465Gb Maxtor HDD, 1x 931Gb WD HDD The system has a 600 watt PSU, standard case cooling and 1 extra front fan.

Please let me know if I need to include any more information

Thanks for any help!

  dirkgently25 07:08 13 Feb 2016

The buzzing comes through the speakers. I have cleaned out all of the fans and had a local pc "guy" replace the thermal paste on the CPU as well as install the front fan. The case is reasonably big and the airflow should be good. I have taken the side off the case to see if that helps and I would say that it has cut down the lockups by about 50%

  dirkgently25 08:23 13 Feb 2016

I have just run FurMark a couple of times on GPU stress mode. Both times the PC froze within 10 min. Max temperature was 79C and max fan was 70%. The side is off the PC case and there seems to be pretty good airflow. Max power drain from the GPU according to GPU shark was 215W

  Benjamin Rees 09:14 13 Feb 2016

Hi. This is the issue of overheating. Clean your PC and then check your PC performance. If the problem persist then the issue is in your PC components like RAM or GPU

  wee eddie 11:53 13 Feb 2016

Just a thought: Check that none of your Speaker cables are not adjacent to a mains cable. Sounds as if it's induced

  wee eddie 11:55 13 Feb 2016

Sorry for the double negative. Just sacked my Copy Writer

  wee eddie 13:46 13 Feb 2016

Could be a loose connection

  dirkgently25 18:19 13 Feb 2016

I've ordered more RAM. I thought that even if it isn't the memory, upgrading it to 16Gb couldn't be a bad thing

  dirkgently25 20:09 13 Feb 2016

Hmmm... the RAM is in slots 1+2. I should change that to 1 and 3?

  dirkgently25 08:26 14 Feb 2016

I think the buzzing might be a red herring - I think possibly what is happening is that when the PC is freezing, the graphics card is displaying the last picture and the onboard sound is just playing the last instant of "noise" over and over. I did as suggested with the RAM with some strange results. 1. The RAM was positioned in slots 1+3 initially, not 1+2 as I thought. 2. I have 2x 2Gb modules (let's call them M1 and M2!) 3. These were positioned in slots 1 and 3 (let's call them S1 and S3!) 4. When I took M1 out of S1, the PC booted quickly and had no issues playing XCOM2 or running Furmark 5. When I put M1 into S1 and removed M2 from S3, I got the usual bootup single beep, but nothing from the display and it wouldn't run (perhaps 5-6 attempts) 6. M1 in S3 only - works as note 4 7. M2 in S1 only - works as note 4. 8. M1 into S1 only (as note 5) worked perfectly... No idea what is going on there 9. M1 into S2 and M2 into S4 - constant short beeps, no bootup 10. M2 into S2 and M1 into S4 - constant short beeps, no bootup 11. Any memory into S2 or S4 - constant short beeps, no bootup

I have currently put M1 into S3 and M2 into S1 and things seem to be working, but there seem to be too many anomalies (ie repeating note 5 slightly later and getting completely different results) for me to be confident that anything has been resolved.

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