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have tried repair IE but still get problem.
WhenI open window like "freebies" and then click on "close" "X" it just freezes.
I'm still a novice on pc.

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How did you repair IE and which version of Windows are you using?

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some to think about and some to do.

Common causes of freezing:

Low memory /Low disk space /Fragmented disk

Too many programs open simultaneously

Low CPU speed

Corrupt files

Software bugs

Overheating random lockups that start several minutes after you start up the PC are often the result of the processor cooling fan not working properly

Some non-standard applications are suspect with freezing problems

Memory chip problems

Virus infection


Steps you can take to minimize freezing:

Do a disk cleanup (cache, temp files, old or unused files, recycle bin)

For Windows 98 & 2000

You may have been downloading programs, creating and deleting files, and installing new software without thinking about the effect this has on your disk space. It's probably time to have a clean-up. Windows 98 and 2000/ have a feature that cleans up your disks for you. It removes temporary files, the recycle bin and other files - giving you the option to delete or not to delete. It is simple to run.

Do this clean-up as follows:

Start: Programs: Accessories: System Tools: Disk Clean Up

When it opens up, select the C: Drive and start it. It will pop up and show you about four types of files, each with a check box. Check the boxes for files you would like deleted and proceed. It should run through pretty quickly and then it'll be done.

Do not run any more applications at one time than you need to.

If the freezing happens consistently with one application, uninstall and reinstall it - files associated with the application may have become corrupted. Always use Control Panel/ Add Remove programs, or the uninstall program belonging to the program to uninstall a program.

If the freezing has been occurring since you installed a new program, uninstall it.

Uninstall any programs that you may have downloaded and installed in the past, but no longer use.

Get the latest Windows update at click here

Get any available patches for your software - go to the manufacturer's websites to check for patches or updates to your programs.

""Free up resources""" - click on Run and type "msconfig" in the dialogue box. Next, click on the "Startup" tab. All the programs listed here with check marks are running in the system memory. To free resources Windows 98 users may uncheck everything except "System Tray" . Windows ME users can uncheck everything except ScanRegistry, PCHealth, StateMgr and System Tray. Leave your anti-virus software in the startup as well. You must restart the computer for these changes to take effect.

Run ScanDisk (or Check Disk if using Windows XP)

Defragment your disk.

If you have an older computer and are trying to run multiple applications, you may need to upgrade your computer... check the system specifications recommended for the applications you are running to see if your system is capable of doing what you are asking.

Obtain the latest drivers for your hardware - go to the web sites of the hardware manufacturers and get the latest drivers for your video card, sound card etc

Redetect your devices - remove the components from the Control Panel, System, Device Management screen. Reboot the system and let Windows redetect and add only those devices which are actually on your system.

Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed. Set it to automatically update virus definitions, to scan all incoming files, and to do a full system check at regular intervals.

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any of there changes or fixes.

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