PC freezes 3 or 4 times per hour

  power-up 22:24 31 Mar 2003

Some one help, my pc keeps freezing, the only way to get out of the freeze is to restart, very frustrating when ur in the middle of a game or download. I had a new motherboard fitted two weeks ago, pc froze when i first put the pc on after the new motherboard was put in, then it was ok for a week, now its freezing all the time. Im on windows XP home edition........

any help appreciated

  tamc98 22:41 31 Mar 2003

Was the problem there before you fitted the mobo'?
If not did you reinstall XP after. You may need to do this as XP will be set up for your old mobo' and could need differant drivers for your new one. also, were the drivers that came with the new mobo' installed.
Go into control panel and click on 'add new hardware'. If it comes up with a list of new hardware then you'll need to install these and the new drivers.
If this doesn't work backup all your data and do a fresh install of XP.
If after this you still have problems make sure that all your add on cards and ram are fitted properly.
As a last resort suspect a faulty mobo'.
HTH, Tony

  Djohn 22:52 31 Mar 2003

I think it will be safe to say from reading your post, that the problem will be in some connection, or lack of, to your new board.

The best thing to do will be to go back to every thing you have connected and double check for correct fitting.

Make sure the cards are all seated fully, take out and re-seat, also the memory stick/s, check to make sure the CPU is fitted correct and has paste or the supplied sticker on it has full contact with the heatsink.

Check all your fans are working and also have a look in BIOS to check running temp. of CPU, and sys. after it has been running for approx. 10 minutes.

If you have more than one stick of memory, remove all except one, and try running with that for a while, then try the others one at a time.

That's all I can think of for the moment, if you still have a problem, come back on this thread, and someone will be able to advise further. J.

  power-up 21:30 01 Apr 2003

The thing is the computer manufacterer Mesh fitted the new motherboard, they had assured me extensive checking went into the new fitting. Bascially the mother board spec is the same as the old one, old one was faulty so mesh replaced it "like for like".........

  woodchip 21:54 01 Apr 2003

What they will have done, you can assume the worst is that they have fitted a different motherboard to your original and they have not cleared your hard drive and reloaded motherboard drivers for the new board. The big problem being that if you should format the drive, the restore disc will not work with the new board. So try to get new drivers for the motherboard and load them first, check Device Manager to see if you have got any yellow marks. that to be going on with

  woodchip 21:55 01 Apr 2003

PS you need to burn an Image file of the Drive while you have it working and you do any mod's on it

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