PC freeze/Power off/No boot to BIOS

  doanchi 21:30 08 Feb 2007

Hi hope someone can help.

I have newish Aries PC, 3 ghz processor, 1500 meg memory, NVIDIA 6600GT.

It just froze on my, CTL ALT DEL did not bring task manager to enable me to shut down the application, so I powered off.

When I tried to reboot it wouldnt even go to BIOS. After a couple of times it eventually got to BIOS but then froze on Windows start up (blue bits moving from left to right...).

I then powered off again, after a few times back to windows then choose 'Start from last known good configuration'. This got me to my desktop then the PC crashed and I was left with a stripy multicoloured screen.

I powered off and now I cant even get to BIOS.
The fans come on, there is a single click from the HDD, and no recognition from the monitor either (stays amber rather than going green).

Any help would be extremely welcome!


  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:33 08 Feb 2007

PC crashed and I was left with a stripy multicoloured screen.
this usally happenes when you graphics card res is out of range
can you boot to safe mode

  PalaeoBill 21:38 08 Feb 2007

A dead HDD wouldn't prevent booting to BIOS.
Have you had a power cut or a storm? Moved the PC recently?

If it is out of warranty then you have nothing to lose.
Take the cover off, check all of the power connections. If you have any PCI cards, especially a video card, plugged in to the motherboard, reseat them.

  doanchi 21:43 08 Feb 2007

Hi, I guess the powercut scenario could have been me powering off the PC. I voided my warantee when I put my Nvidia graphics card in

I'll try to reseat the AGP card now - nothing PCI in here...

  Ashrich 21:48 08 Feb 2007

I agree with surfmonkey #:@}© , although I think that maybe your graphics card may have a bit more of a serious problem , but if you can boot into safe mode try uninstalling the graphics card in Device manager and rebooting , letting Windows find it and load the drivers again .


  doanchi 21:51 08 Feb 2007

Thanks chaps - have tried reseating the graphics card - but still no joy - PC is just sitting there blowing out air and not even getting to BIOS - around 1 - 2 clicks from the HDD and then nothing - no monitor activity, no booting to BIOS. I cant get to windows.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 21:52 08 Feb 2007

easy way with out unistall drivers
boot to safe mode
goto card properties
screen res change to 800x600

  doanchi 21:54 08 Feb 2007

Cant boot to Windows - it aint going nowhere!!! aRGHHHHHH! Someone help me before I throw this PC out the window!!!!

  Ashrich 21:55 08 Feb 2007

Is the hard drive actually powering up , can it be heard spinning ?


  doanchi 22:00 08 Feb 2007

Yes, it whirrs, moves about a bit - but then goes to rest. Its not the normal noise of a HDD. I've just tried a different Graphics card and I've not had any joy...

  doanchi 08:03 09 Feb 2007


I just rebooted my PC this morning before I came to work. It started first time, straight to where you choose - 'from last known good configuraton/safe mode etc'.

I didnt choose anything and let it run.

It loaded windows perfectly and then gave me the MS 'Your PC has recovered from a serious incident' window.

I then conected to the internet to send the error report. It came back to tell me that I had experienced a blue screen (I havent) and that a device caused the problem.

I then restarted the PC to see if it would reboot - at this point I had gone down stairs to make sarnies for work - when I came back PC had frozen on desktop - I dont know if this was before restarting or after.

I had to poweroff - I did this and now It wont even go to BIOS.????

Can anyone suggest something?

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