Pc Freeze when I use a cd

  MichaelF 16:09 05 Mar 2009

When I insert a cd and try to access it my PC freezes.
It used to happen intermittantly but now seems to happen everytime.
Nothing has changed recently that I am aware of. I have checked to make certain I have the latests drivers.
I have checked Event Viewer and the only thing that seems to be strange there is something called
lxdxCATSCustConnectService failed to start, what ever that is!
I am running windows xp, service pack 3. I use Norton anti-virus.
I have an intel pentium 4 cpu 3.4ghz and 1.obg of ram.
I use Nero 6 for cd/dvd etc.

Any ideas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:59 06 Mar 2009


lexmark printer?
if so reinstall printer software and drivers.

Uninstall your CD / DVD RW drive in in device manager and reboot the machine let windows find and reinstall the drive.

  MichaelF 16:54 06 Mar 2009

Thanks for the suggestion.
I uninstalled both my cd and dvd drive and rebooted the PC. Both drives were recognised and reinstalled.
As soon as I put a cd in the pc froze!

I think you are right about the lexmark printer as I have one. I think it must related to the fact that I use it wi-fi and the non-connection is because it is not hard wired.

Still back to my main problem, any other suggestions?


  Sea Urchin 17:02 06 Mar 2009

But did you reinstall printer software and drivers as Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggested?

  MichaelF 17:13 06 Mar 2009

No, do you think I should as there is nothing wrong with the printer.


  Sea Urchin 17:28 06 Mar 2009

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ said the "strange" message you are getting in Event Viewer relates to your printer - so yes I think you should.

  Demora 17:41 06 Mar 2009

Have you tried a cd/dvd cleaner. I used to get similar problems, I cleaned the lasers and things were fine for a while. Then eventually The DVD drive just died a death.

Also if you've been into the pc case. you may have jolted a wire from the drives in question. Might help to check these.


  MichaelF 18:58 06 Mar 2009

I can't re-install the printer software because when I put the software cd into the drive the PC freezes!

I haven't opened the back of the PC so I don't think it can be that.


  MichaelF 07:00 23 Mar 2009

Serching through the internet I found a reference to a similar problem. It suggested that the programme Ahead InCD caused the problem. I didn't think I had that programme on my PC but I found it there. It had been put on by Nero when I updated my version of their CD burner.
I have taken it off and everything works perfectly again. No problem with any Cds, DVDS or any programme.
Problem solved.
Thanks guys for help and suggestions.


  Sea Urchin 11:13 23 Mar 2009

Thanks for the feedback

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