PC freeze, Firefox on BBC site

  grumpy-git 16:23 26 Oct 2013

The computer seems to have settled down since those recent problems, apart from 3 times in the last few days it has locked when viewing the BBC site. No problems with other sites. Firefox is v 24.0

When it freezes, I cannot use mouse or keyboard & fan starts whirring fast. Only option is to press the power button until it stops. Any ideas?


  chub_tor 17:32 26 Oct 2013

I can't find others having problems with v24 but there is plenty of evidence that this has happened in 22 and 23. Some of these suggestions might point you in the right direction

  chub_tor 17:39 26 Oct 2013

OK found this one where Mozilla suggests it is an add-on causing the problem. You might want to take a look at it.

  grumpy-git 18:34 26 Oct 2013

I see adblock plus is one of the add ons mentioned. I'll try disabling it - but then it makes this site s-o s-l-o-w to load a page.



  grumpy-git 18:50 26 Oct 2013

I disabled adblock plus, then wanted to try something, enabled it again and went to BBC site & the pc froze again. I waited for a minute bit nothing happened so hit the button to power down the pc.

Back up again with adblock plus disabled. Will keep you posted.

Blast those annoying adverts, but if I minimise the screen a bit I don't see them at all !!!


  grumpy-git 00:08 28 Oct 2013

Trying Bluhell instead of Adblock plus. No problems so far, anybody else use it?


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