pc 'forgetting' network key

  ianmwilliams 18:27 08 Mar 2010


I am having problems with my pc remembering the network key for my wireless router.

The pc can see the router no problem at all (signal strength varies between very good and excellent). I then set up the network using the network key and everything is fine. When I switch the pc off and then go to restart it it will have forgotten all of the details and I will have to set it all up again. Interestingly the wireless connection number increases by 1 each time so I am now up to wireless connection number 15!!!! I cannot see the first 14 connections in network connections in the control panel. I am using Windows XP.

I use an orange livebox and a Belkin adaptor on my pc I have tried to unistall them so that I can try re-installing to see if this works but neither will uninstall and I get an error message saying that a file cannot be deleted.

Any ideas? The problem has only just started to happen after I used the system restore facility f10.

Many thanks


  Pineman100 18:53 08 Mar 2010

I haven't used XP for some time, and I'm trying to remember the procedure for setting up a wireless network.

When you reach the point where you have to enter the encryption key, is there a checkbox labelled something like "Always connect automatically to this network"?

If so, make sure this box is checked, and your computer should then remember the key.

  SJM_81 18:53 08 Mar 2010

Try this.

double click on the wireless icon on the task bar near the clock. Then click properties. Click wireless networks tab and delete all networks in the box. Come back here when you reconnect after doing the above.

When you come back here click on the new profile in the box. Now type your wep key and set it to what you have set up on your router. This is your network profile save it and it should remember your settings.

It usually does it automatically but in your case it isn't. Maybe you wiped something off the registry key when doing a restore.

You could use winsock xp too, That will set network adaptors and everything to do with networking to default.

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