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PC fell off the table. Now it doesn't boot at all

  Justye 17:47 08 Jan 2020

Initial first look the only obvious damage is front ports are broken. I cannot see any other damage but also didnt unscrew anything yet. Tried replugging almost everyting and tried to turn pc only with power socket on. My motherboard is asrock 450 pro it's average tower pc,standing up on desk, desk is like 1m tall? Maybe a bit less. Though I've managed to kind of slow down the fall a bit. The hit was still quite nasty.

From inside the case, I cannot see any damage to neither gpu, nor any fans. Ram sticks are fine too. Can't see any cracks on motherboard tho i've no idea how they might look.

click here here are some pics. I might be blind and missing something

  x13 19:11 08 Jan 2020

It's difficult to see via photos but it looks like the CPU and cooler is missing? This looks like the damaged socket to me?

  Justye 20:01 08 Jan 2020

Yeah, I've removed the heat sink and processor. Haven't noticed the socket damage on motherboard itself though which if it's actually damaged will have to check

  Forum Editor 19:09 09 Jan 2020

What about the hard drive?

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