PC as a Fax

  [DELETED] 08:24 31 Jul 2003

I have recently installed Fax software and have sent a 'Fax'.
So far so good.

The one thing I have still to grasp is how does a PC on a standard
lineline/modem setup get to receive a Fax?

This is not an 'Internet' thing the item is dialled straight in, as the call
is recieved
something has sort Fax from Voice, is this part of the software, or does
another 'box' hcome into the frame?

  [DELETED] 08:45 31 Jul 2003

It depends a little on the actual software you are using, but the instaructions should be in the help.

Basically you start the software and laeve it running - then when the phone rings the computer will answer it, and the software should sort out whether it's a voice or fax call.

It's not the best way to handle incoming faxes, and is best for when you know you're going to get one - you can just let the system handle it.

Better is a Fax to email service. These allocate you a number somewhere, as your fax number - it takes your incoming faxes, changes them to emails, and send them to you as an email - much simpler - you don't even have to have your system on.

Free (sometimes) at click here - also a paid service at trinite click here - also an expande service at efax that lets you send by email as well as receive (good if you send to a lot of high cost destinations.

  [DELETED] 08:47 31 Jul 2003

A phone or a fax have different ring tones which enables your equiptment to tell whether it's a fax or voice call and the right transmission is enabled.

  [DELETED] 09:08 31 Jul 2003

er - I don't think so - a ringing phone is a ringing phone - all the same. What the software can do is listen in AFTER it's answered the call, for the distinctive noises a fax puts out when it's trying to contact you.

  Stuartli 09:13 31 Jul 2003

If you go to the Tiscali website click here you can sign up for a fax to e-mail service which is free to use.

You are asigned an individual 0871-xxxxxx number and senders use this to send you a fax, which you receive in e-mail form and at no cost to yourself. No need to have the computer switched on at all, particularly important if you have dialup only.

Tiscali takes a small proportion of the cost of the call to make its return.

I used to use the FaxMe service but this ceased about 12 months or so ago and which worked on the same principle.

Re fax programs: Anyone who has a Win95 or 98 CD-ROM can install wms.exe and awfax.exe, which will allow you to compose standard or individual fax pages ready to send; Windows Messaging Service keeps a full record in the same style as Outlook Express, so is easy to use if you are familiar with OE.

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