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PC fans loud, constantly spinning

  HappyChaos70 12:04 07 Feb 2017

I have an issue with my new PC. It delivers a great performance all around, and I can play games with ultra graphic settings without my PC having any problems at all. However, even when I'm just browsing the internet, the fans of my cabinet spin really loud.

During rare times the fans will actually quiet down for a bit and be on a noise level I find comfortable. I'd like to have that constantly (at least when I'm not playing games and just use the PC for browsing things).

My cabinet is a Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 and motherboard ASUS B150M-PLUS, Socket-1151 .

Is there any kind of software or settings that I can use to tell my PC to stop spinning its fans ALL the time?

Would really appreciate the help.

  Burn-it 00:33 09 Feb 2017

Yes, set that way down at 7% or thereabouts (that is what mine is set to) It may just affect the initial response time in some heavy CPU usage tasks, but I have never noticed it. My machine was bought on ebay dirt cheap because it was overheating. I cleaned it out and reseated the heatsinks etc. but it made little difference. As sooon as i found and changed those settings it cooled right down. I have actually fittted a far higher power processor and more memory now and it is still OK.

  HappyChaos70 18:01 09 Feb 2017

I've set it down to like 10% minimum processor management. It seems to have become a bit more quieter now. Seems that the change from 100%->10% did the trick! Thanks for all the help. :-)

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