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PC fans loud, constantly spinning

  HappyChaos70 12:04 07 Feb 2017

I have an issue with my new PC. It delivers a great performance all around, and I can play games with ultra graphic settings without my PC having any problems at all. However, even when I'm just browsing the internet, the fans of my cabinet spin really loud.

During rare times the fans will actually quiet down for a bit and be on a noise level I find comfortable. I'd like to have that constantly (at least when I'm not playing games and just use the PC for browsing things).

My cabinet is a Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 and motherboard ASUS B150M-PLUS, Socket-1151 .

Is there any kind of software or settings that I can use to tell my PC to stop spinning its fans ALL the time?

Would really appreciate the help.

  alanrwood 13:24 07 Feb 2017

Look in the BIOS

  HappyChaos70 13:44 07 Feb 2017

How do I do that? And what do I do there? I have little experience with the BIOS.

  alanrwood 15:09 07 Feb 2017

Look in your motherboard manual for the key to press at start of boot process, maybe del, F2. F10 or something else. Keep pressing it on/off as soon as the boot starts and you should get into the BIOS setup. If you don't have the motherboard manual go to the ASUS web site and search for your model. You should find the manual there to download.

When in BIOS just look for the part that monitors the temperatures and controls the fan speed and when it start going fast.

  bumpkin 16:23 07 Feb 2017

The fans normally speed up with the temperature of what they are cooling. Check your temperatures and if high check for fluff or dust blocking air circulation especially the heat sink.

  wee eddie 17:13 07 Feb 2017

Had you bought it recently, I would have suggested contacting the Supplier. However, from my reading of your posting, I surmise that you have made it yourself.

Therefor I ask, which fans are spinning all the time. Those of the Power Supply, the Processor, the Graphics Card, or all of them all the time?

  HappyChaos70 22:54 07 Feb 2017

All of them, as far as I saw. The CPU one, front and back ones. The temperature seems to be around a constant 30 degrees (checked it with Speedfan). 32 when I play games. I think it's mainly the two front ones that cause most of the noise. I haven't gotten to check the BIOS yet, but will try and see what I can do.

  HappyChaos70 13:02 08 Feb 2017

Okay, so, I went to check the QFan options in my BIOS settings and set two out of three of the fans listed from 'standard' to 'silent', but it doesn't seem to have helped too much. I am unsure if I should set the fan speed manually (as in, how much % of the fan's performance at which temperature. Right now, it says that the fans are at 50% performance around 30 degrees and go up from there, up to 100% at 70 degrees. My motherboard and CPU are around a constant 25-30 degrees.

What do you guys think I should do? Are those settings okay or way too high?

  Burn-it 15:13 08 Feb 2017

In control panel, check the power settings for the processor. You may have the processor set to run at full speed regardless of the load. This will produce excess heat. If it is set that way, change it to "on demand" so that speedstep can do its job and the temperature will drop when you are not doing CPU intensive tasks.

  HappyChaos70 18:35 08 Feb 2017

Where exactly in control panel do I find the power settings for the processor?

  HappyChaos70 18:44 08 Feb 2017

Never mind. I think I've found it. It's Power Options-->Change advanced power settings, isn't it? Under advanced settings, it's set to High Performance. Under 'Processor power management', 'Minimum processor state' is set to 100%, same with maximum, while 'System cooling policy' is set to 'active'. Should I lower the minimum processor state to avoid it running full speed?

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