PC fans and lights turn on but nothing else

  Draxon 04:24 04 Apr 2017

I started lagging while playing player unknown battlegrounds. So i closed the game and restarted the computer. I then noticed the entire system was lagging. System sounds and everything. Took 5min to open taskmanager. I then restarted again and after that it would just turn off 1min after i start it. Only thing that comes on is fans and lights etc. I changed to different ram slots just to try. And it starts and does not turn off now. But the screens dont come on, and everything connected to USB dont come on. Ant idea What the issue can be? i7 5820k Corsair rm750x 750w Crucial ddr4 2133mhz 16gb MSI geforce GTX 980 MSI x99a raider Windows 10

  mole44 05:33 04 Apr 2017

We need make and model plus how old it is if it's new take it back under your guarantee

  Draxon 06:47 04 Apr 2017

Its about 1 year old and it isnt a make. Bought all the parts and a friend og mine built it

  wee eddie 11:38 04 Apr 2017

What you are describing can be caused by a Power Supply that is no longer delivering to its designed capacity.

Inexpensive and easy to replace, fitting is not difficult. One piece of advice: Use your phone's camera to record each step of the removal of the old one. There are plenty of instruction videos on YouTube

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 04 Apr 2017

Remove and refit the graphics card and retry.

  Draxon 12:41 04 Apr 2017

Now that you are mentioning power supply. Mine has making this wire grinding Sound for as long as i can remember. Which is fixed for 10min by tapping the case. Is it possible it can have cut a wire? Anyhow the frist thing im going to try is to start it with 1 ram card at a time to see if it is the ram

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