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PC fails to boot on occasion

  Hetti 15:34 01 May 2015

My Dell Inspiron One has developed a problem when booting up occasionally.

About six times in four weeks my PC has booted to a black screen the software Hard Disk Sentinal Pro is displayed on the black screen. I then have to press the power button to restart PC sometimes it takes 6/7 tries to get it to boot correctly.I had to do a system restore on one occasion to get it booted up, I was just hoping it might help as restarting it was not working.

When I do get it booted it runs just fine, but I wondered if there was a fix for this.

Any ideas please?

  robin_x 17:31 01 May 2015

What edition of Windows do you have? (7/8/8.1?)


Right click C: drive in Explorer > Properties > Tools > Check for errors (select both checkboxes)

It will likely ask to restart and may take a while.


There may also be some hidden partitions

Press Win key+R and type Diskmgmt.msc

Right click first hidden partition and Change letter. Call it P:, say.

Repeat for any others, eg Q:, R:, S:

Back in Explorer, you can now right-click those drives > Properties > Tools etc and check for errors. They won't take long.

You can remove the drive letters when done.


Or it could me a Memory module problem or a Power Supply problem, but they may be tricky on an All-in-One PC.

If you can get at the modules, try re-seating them, or swapping them over.

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 01 May 2015

It may just be windows updates slow to deploy there have been a lot of hem over the last few weeks.

  Hetti 20:12 01 May 2015

Thanks robin_x Just got back on pc, I run win 7 will try solutions you suggest (if I can).

Fruit Bat Ill bear that in mind.

rdave13 I have not changed power settings

  Hetti 16:02 02 May 2015

I did check disk it took 5 hours all was ok there.

I'm afraid I dont feel competent enough to carry out the instructions for hidden partitions, or reseating memory on this PC (All in one) but if this problem persists I may have to try it, or get someone to do it for me.

I will see how it go's .............

Thanks again.

  Hetti 18:48 02 May 2015

rdave13 Thanks I had no idea about Reliability monitor, but did as you said the graph shows NOTHING at all no events logged,but I thought I had seen something similar on my PC previously I remembered it is Dell System detect which comes pre installed, I do run it occasionally so I ran that scan just now, it said all was fine only a couple of missed driver updates listed (was for a web cam I was testing to see if it worked on different PC)but I dont know if this is the same as the scan you suggested? PC has been fine today, but the problem was intermittent so will watch and hope.

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