PC failing Memtest but RAM OK

  danielgent 20:16 06 Feb 2010

Got a PC here that keeps giving errors on Memtest (both Memtest86 and 86+). The sticks of RAM are fine as I've tested them in another working comp. I've also blown the slots with a can of compressed air but still the errors appear.
with a 256MB stick of RAM I get errors at memory locations: 94.5MB and 176MB
with a 512MB stick of RAM I get errors at memory locations: 53MB and 301MB
How will this affect performance on this PC? Is there anything that can be done or is it just a faulty motherboard? What may have caused this? Its one of those Iqon Tesco PCs so I'm just assuming you get what you pay for!

Much thanks,
Dan Gent

  rdave13 20:20 06 Feb 2010

They might be not compatible with your motherboard especially if not the same type of modules.
Check out Crucial site; click here

  danielgent 20:26 06 Feb 2010

I'll elaborate sorry. The PC already had 256MB of RAM in. When memtesting this showed errors, when I took this RAM out and put it another PC it had no errors. I'd bought another 512MB Generic DDR stick, this showed errors on the previously mentioned PC, but on my test PC it showed no errors. So it can't be a compatiblity thing as the 256MB stick came with the PC. Should have said where I got the sticks from sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply,
Dan Gent

  rdave13 20:37 06 Feb 2010

Run the scanner tool just to see what it says.
Not sure if Memtest is 100% accurate.

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