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  iqs 20:07 23 Nov 2007


I'm still in the process of adding extra cooling to my PC.With the help from the forum users I have fixed a extra fan in the front of the PC.

I would like to install another fan(120mm) into the removable side panel,but this would involve cutting a hole in the side.Not really happy about doing that :-(

I can see two possible ways of adding an extra fan,but before I do any work I would like the advice of the forum users again please.

Fisrt,I have a funnal which is fixed to the side panel which directs air to the CPU fan.Could I remove the funnel and the finger guard and fix the fan here?.Would it affect the air flow to the CPU?.

Second,could the fan be attached to the base.The air would blow up onto the MB and PCI cards.Would I have to drill holes in the base for air to be drawn into the fan?.

Or is there another fan of fixing extra fans.

Sorry for asking again.If anyone would like to comment it would be appreciated.

Thank you

  SANTOS7 20:26 23 Nov 2007

I have two fans only, one is set to blow and the other to suck which creates airflow and cools my tower down adequately, if you have an isue with overheating put a bigger CPU fan in place.
If you wanted to create better airflowm you could use round IDE cables like the ones in the link
click here

dont think there is any need to go cutting holes in the side of your case, if the fans you have are cleaned regularly they will cool your system as they are supposed to...

  I am Spartacus 21:02 23 Nov 2007

If the CPU heatsink already has a fan then fitting a fan to the side panel would, in light of my own testing, be detrimental to airflow and not only wouldn't be a benefit would likely cause a slight increase in CPU temperature.

I spent quite some time a few months ago testing various fan configurations in my Gigabyte Case and found that:

Fitting a fan to the side of the case blowing over the Northbridge results in motherboard temperature drops of around 10ºC-15ºC.

A blow-hole over the CPU fan/heatsink reduced CPU temperature by 2ºC-4ºC.

A fan blowing over my 4 hard disks using a Silverstone CFP51 3 x 5.25" Bay Adapter reduces temperatures by 10ºC-12ºC

This was tested on a Gigabyte Aurora 570 Case and other cases might produce different results. The case also has 1 fan blowing in air at the front and 2 fans blowing out air at the back.

I also tried various ducting methods to direct airflow over/around specific components with no detectable improvements.

  iqs 23:17 23 Nov 2007

Hi SANTOS7 and I am Spartacus.Thanks for your help.

I will change the IDE cable to the style you recommend.I'm not keen on cutting holes in the case,but I have seen custom PC's which have had 2-8 fans in the side.So I thought 1 would be ok,maybe not.Thanks for your help.

I am Spartacus
Thanks for your findings,very helpful.One of the reasons for the extra fan was to assist the cooling of the Northbridge.I will probably fit a 40mm fan somewhere close(not in the side panel)to help with the temp,can't hurt?.

Once again many thanks to you both for your help and advice.

  woodchip 23:47 23 Nov 2007

Why do you think you need more fans? removing the Side Fan funnel is not the way to go. If you want to put another in. Put it in the back

  Stuartli 00:15 24 Nov 2007

The PSU in combination with a front case fan and CPU fan should provide more than sufficient cooling for the majority of systems.

Adding extra fans pulling out air from other parts of the case merely creates more problems than are solved.

Try this link for guidance (there are many others):

click here

  I am Spartacus 11:31 24 Nov 2007

I also experimented with various fan sizes and types and found that the Xilence Red Wing 120mm fans click here provide the best compromise between airflow and noise levels. They're not silent unless running under 1000rpm but are very quiet.

When I was experimenting with blowholes and fans on the side of the case I used a piece of cardboard to test them out.

  iqs 20:09 24 Nov 2007

Hello woodchip,Stuartli and I am Spartacus.

I guess I'm slightly paranoid about cooling and fans...From all the feedback,what I have fitted is sufficient.The last thing I want to do is reduce the effects of the current cooling system.
So no more fans.

Thanks for your all your help.

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