PC experiencing unknown hardware issues

  Adam Gudorf 12:29 28 Dec 2016

My PC is fairly old, at around 5-6 years. A few years ago I had thought that I had accidentally fried my GPU when fixing my CPU fan, which had stopped spinning. The computer began operating very slowly, with a significant delay in everything. Nothing ran well, not even Chrome. As I'm typing this there is a roughly half second delay between me pressing a key and the letter appearing on the screen.

Since I thought the issue was my GPU, and being that I didn't have the money for a new one for quite some time, its sat dormant for a couple years. This year, however, my sister got me a GTX 1060 for Christmas. So I pop it in, and discover that the issue is not solved. So I began other troubleshooting. A fresh install of windows 7 didn't do anything.

The windows experience score sits at a cool 1, because of my shiny new GPU of all things. So logically the problem lies with the GPU, but DXdiag shows all clear for my GPU. I'm also having other problems. My computer will cut off randomly when coming back up from sleep.

Could it be the PCI-e slot it's in?

Could I have gotten a bum GPU bound for RMA?

Could my CPU have taken heat damage and not be functioning optimally while also not being damaged enough to cause the system to fail?

I ran preliminary diagnostics on my memory, and it was all clear, but I can do a more thorough pass (which will require me to take out half of my memory and test them two at a time.) if it could be my RAM.

Could it possibly be the HDD being old?

S.O.S Adam

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:59 28 Dec 2016

If it boots to windows then motherboard cpu etc are OK.

be tempted to go to BIOS and make sure all settings are at default.

  Adam Gudorf 13:01 28 Dec 2016

I will check that out.

  Prettor97 13:40 28 Dec 2016

Download AIDA and see there temperature indexes

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