PC Exhaust Fan - should there be one?!

  buchanan17 20:05 12 Feb 2005

Just noticed in my one month old Evesham P4 3.6GHZ which is rather noisy (CPU fan running at 4000+ rpm) that ther is NO exhaust fan?

Is this common on machines with CPU fan? The air can only get out through the rear vent and the PSU fan? VERY strange!

  Indigo 1 20:14 12 Feb 2005

It is common to some machines yes.

The PSU fan(s) can usually cope with the airflow fine.

To check the internal temps, download and install Motherboard Monitor from click here

To look into making it quieter I would contact Evesham (as it is still under guarantee) or go to click here and look at their options.

  citadel 20:16 12 Feb 2005

you can get a better and quieter cpu fan than is fitted as standard. You can easily add case fans if you are worried about heat. I have one to draw cold air in at the front.

  Gongoozler 20:19 12 Feb 2005

CPU fans are generally the noisiest component in the box. There are many alternative CPU coolers available that use large diameter fans, and are often temperature controlled so they spin at full speed only when necessary. I use one similar to this, and as you can see they don't need to be expensive click here

  fuzzyone 20:21 12 Feb 2005


I would have thought, that in a system that powerful, there would at least be one exhaust fan at the rear.

80mm fans are only a few £s now, and are easy to install.

Ps, My way of telling whether it is exhausting, and not intaking air, is to hold a £note at the rear of the case, and as long as it does not try to suck it in, you know it's on the correct way.

  buchanan17 20:24 12 Feb 2005

I would have thought a P4 3.6 etc etc would need an exhaust fan as the case has a rear vent nicely fitted with a grill and so teh PSU fan will draw in here..

Yes teh PSU fan kicks out

I have the MSI utility Core center monitoring CPU temp which is always 42°C + and the fan speed is always 4000rpm+

Take the side off and the temp drops to 36° and the speed to 3300rpm so the PSU fan is not coping fully

  buchanan17 20:29 12 Feb 2005

Yes I do know about how cheap PC fans are - I designed this machine at work click here which uses a 102mm PC fan, cooling the hot side of a peltier device , and these fans are $2.50 or so in bulk.

And my box has a nice green moulded vent ciover into which it looks like a fan fits!

Must be a mistake by them, the damn thing is too noisy - if they don't come and fit one, PC mags will be getting lots of letters!!

  fuzzyone 20:39 12 Feb 2005


Very nice.

  buchanan17 20:43 12 Feb 2005

fuzzy - it was a tough job having to go to leuven in Belgium and drink Stella

The job started with them wanting us to go there and learn about beer for 3 days...

Just looking at ebuyer there are fans from 30p! 80mm admittedly and they will have bush bearings whereas ball bearings will be a lot quieter

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